• Only some White People

    I think people who’s ancestors owned slaves should not say it. It is wrong for people to accept it when mexican or indian people say the N word, but when any white person says it, it is automatically wrong. I think if someone’s parents came from Ireland or Italy, (they would be white) then it should be the same as if a mexican or indian person said the N word. They are similar cases because the mexican person, and the white person’s ancestors didn’t own slaves. In conclusion, if a white person whos ancestors didn’t own slaves says the N word, then it should be taken the same way it would if a mexican or indian person said it.

  • All should be able to say it

    I do believe that discriminating against white people, saying that they cannot say it causes more racism and discrimination. If black people and white people all forgot about the racist history, then there should be no problem or offensiveness towards the word nigger. After all it's just a word. Nigger should not offend anyone because it is a word and action of the past

  • Yes but only as referring to your friend or something

    I think that both races should only say nigger if they're referring as of some one that is their best friend or brother . If black people get offended only if a white person calls them nigger then why is it okay for another one to go up to them and say something like what's up my nigger? I also don't get why whites can be called nigger by a black person but when it's the other around everyone goes crazy. People are going at each others throats for what our ancestors did years ago. Black people that were never slaves are getting mad at people that never had slaves and we're debating on if whites can use a word that blacks say commonly. I may not be black but I don't think it should be such a bad thing to say nigger unless of course you mean to insult someone by saying the word.

  • ONLY if Black people can say it. Otherwise NO ONE can say it.

    The argument that only black people can say “nigga” is a racist argument. The underlying reason is that if you are Black you can say it, if you are White then you cannot. If you flip the “black” and “white” then these same people goes ballistic.
    Furthermore if Blacks (and White) think this is a Racist term then they shouldn’t use it themselves. If they think it’s a term of endearment then EVERYONE should be able to use it.
    No one gets a free pass not Blacks nor Whites. So stop expecting others to stop doing something you yourself won’t do.

  • We created it

    Of course we use "the n word" (or nigger) we (meaning white people) were the ones who originally created it after all so if anything it's the niggers that shouldn't be able to use it because by using a word that we originally created they are actually committing cultural appropriation

  • We invented it

    I've been doing a lot of reasearch on the word 'Nigga', and I found that white people actually used it when they whipped their black slaves. I understand that black slavery was a terrible thing, and that is should never happen again, whether your black or white, because everyone is treated equal. But white people still invented the word. We should be allowed to use the words we create.

  • Our vocabulary shouldn't be limited

    Not being able to say the n word if you aren't black is violating the first amendment, the one that supports free speech. It wouldn't be a nice thing to call a black person the n word with the hard r, but it's up to that person to be offended or not. But from many comedic standpoints, they should be able to use this word to fulfill their standards or category as a comedian. Whether or not you choose to use this word is entirely up to you, but you also must also accept the consequences to using the word in front of people who don't approve of it, because people react differently to things.

  • Yes they should

    They arent responsible for their ancestors, and if you say whites cannot use the N word then that makes you racist as you are basically saying whites are responsible for their ancestors because they are white.. I mean if everyone would be able to use it in a positive manner then there would be a lot less people offended by the n word.

  • It will help stop racism in the long run

    I am white and have never done anything racist in my entire life. I have grown up with black friends and black role-models. Society is changing, and keeping the N word hidden is making the situation worse by adding shock value and hurt whenever a white person says the word.

    I shouldn't have to be responsible for my racist ancestors. I think that everyone could learn to live with the word and say it in a positive manner.

    We should be focusing on issues that are actually affecting blacks like police discrimination instead of trying to hold innocent whites responsible for their grandfathers wrongdoings.

  • It's not that they can, it's should they be able to?

    Yes the word originated in the slave days and back then it was used as a horrible and demeaning word, but if black people are so offended by it they shouldn't say it either. The definition of racism is treating someone differently because of their race, so by stopping white people saying a word simply because they are white is technically racism. Now I do understand that white people being unable to say it is due to the fact that they were responsible for the periods of slavery and segregation however, I didn't personally commit these acts, neither did anyone else I know, so why should I be treat differently for something I didn't do? If anyone really believes in equality they will understand that it means everyone is the same no matter what, they can do what they please, think what they please, and say what they please regardless of race

  • They cannot say it.

    If a white person says the n word, then they will spontaneously combust. I have personal experience with this, because one of the voices in my head died from trying this. Also, if you are one of the few immune people to spontaneous combustion, then Obama and his liberals wills imprison you for "hate speech". I mean, if black people didn't want to be called n*ggers, then why did they try to move into my neighborhood?

  • You really shouldn't

    Ragnar is saying this is a double standard, and I'm here to say that it really isn't. It is not a double standard because this is a false equivalency. If you look at the context of the word, and its origin, it means something when a white person uses it against a black person. The word does not have the same weight when a black person uses it.
    Sorry, those are the facts. If a black person is uncomfortable with you using that word, you should respect it.

  • Nobody should use it

    Doesn't matter where you're from. If you're fresh off the plantation you should know more so not to ever use that word. The ones that use it so freely are young black teenagers that never picked a single cotton in their life and have no clue what slaves really struggled through. Nobody should use it, celebrate it or use it endearingly. You don't see jews call themselves kikes or Chinese call themselves chinks. It's completely disrespectful to your own people and to the white people that have been backing the black people up and their rights.

  • I don't think anyone should

    Well, here's my take on figuring it out. I personally don't think anyone, regardless of their race, should be using this term. It's a demeaning and offensive word that has no place in conversation. I have never heard the word used in a manner that did not in some way demean. Perhaps the right exists to use this word but in my opinion this doesn't justify using it.

  • I mean I really don't wanna touch this

    Really its best maybe to not say it even though you have the right to because it is only going to be an offensive term. But hey I'm just the one posting this so actually its up to you guys to figure it out lol. Screw you guys I'm going home!

  • It's offensive to black people

    It is very simple. Black people have been oppressed their entire history. They have been discriminated upon forever. It is not ok for anybody besides a black person to say the n word. It is a word with a history of hate and violence. It is not racist to say a white person can say the n word.

  • It is not white peoples word to reclaim

    Many Black people find it rather empowering to reclaim the word much alike the lgbt+ community reclaimed queer etc... We are not blaming the modern day white person for slavery and years of discrimination, but only remember OUR history. And if you can't respect that you're pretty selfish and a rasist.

  • It is not white peoples word to reclaim

    Many Black people find it rather empowering to reclaim the word much alike the lgbt+ community reclaimed queer etc... We are not blaming the modern day white person for slavery and years of discrimination, but only remember OUR history. And if you can't respect that you're pretty selfish and a rasist.

  • It's not a double standard

    The fact is, it's not a double standard that black people can use it and not white people. For it to be a double standard, the word would have to mean the same thing coming from both races, and it doesn't. "Nigger" has been used, historically, as a racist term against blacks by white people, so if a white person says it, it carries this connotation. However, black people have changed the meaning of the word within their own culture to be empowering and carry a positive or neutral connotation. The fact that the word can mean two different things based on who says it means that saying one race can say it and the other can't isn't a double standard, because it's entirely different in both cases.

    One last thing - why is this even a debate? It's not like there's not any other words that people can use, especially not for both connotations. OH WAIT- there is. Saying it with the positive/neutral connotation the way black people use it can easily be replaced with "Man", "Bro", "Dude", or a multitude of other words. If you want to piss someone off by saying something to them, say they're a fucking asshole or something. And if you want a replacement for the word that's intentionally racist, then there's something wrong with you. Case and point.

  • A sociolinguist speaks.

    Well, let's look at this from the perspective of a sociolinguist: usurpation of power is essential to the reformatting of oppressive societal systems, and among the most oppressive of these systems can be language. Nigger was originally an oppressive piece of language that has been neutrally resemanitcised so as to redirect a negative, oppressive power dynamic, into an empowering one for Black people. Black culture, as a whole, has maintained that this power dynamic hold when Black people are in control of the word, whether it be used freely, by Black people only or not at all. Essentially, to tell a Black person how to use this word (if you are not a Black person, that is) is inherently oppressive and rooted in racism. Now not ALL Black people, but most, feel that the word in neutral in an intraethnic context, and is malicious outside of it. As such, non-Black people simply should respect that and find other things to worry about.

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