• Yes!! We need them!

    Women can do exactly what men do! And for the ignorant men who voted "no" you guys are basically jerks that still thrive in the dark ages. If a woman is physically and mentally fit to become an officer, then who's to stop her? Let her follow her dreams. Notice that about 90% on the news, only male police officers are accused of police brutality, almost never a female. And besides, we need female police officers to search/calm female suspects, and to give some "female advice" to some unconfident women.

  • Of course they can

    There are plenty of women who serve as police officers and do an excellent job. They are physically fit and strong, well trained, and responsible. Of course, not every woman is cut out to be a police officer, but the same can be said about men. It's not an easy job.

  • Women can be more than excellent police officers

    Women actually have traits that can make them better police officers than some men. Women are frequently raised to be caring and nurturing individuals, and because of this women have unique skills they can offer as a police officer. As someone who studied Criminology in college, I remember that studies showed that women were better at certain law enforcement tasks. They were frequently better able to earn the trust of neighborhood individuals, and were better able to represent their neighborhoods than many male officers.

  • No they can't

    Physically weaker.......A joke.....A criminal can easily over power them and put not only their lives in jeopardy but many innocent people. They can not run as fast as a man.......Let their personal lives affect work.....Are very emotional and very guilible.......Very easy to manipulate......I guess onlookers can always jump in to help them

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