• Water has particles

    I would say yes, you can chew water.When you chew food you're chewing particles. Its the same thing as water. If you move your teeth up and down like a chewing motion, then you can chew it as long as long as your teeth are touching the water. Its possible

  • In it's solid form, of course

    Water, like all chemicals, can be either a gas, a solid, or a liquid. A given sample of water can be a water vapor, liquid water, or ice. Although one's teeth cannot chew on a vapor, and the particles of the liquid form are not taken apart by chewing (which is the point). However, chewing ice (which is solidified water) does accomplish the goal of chewing. So water can be chewed.

  • I dont think water can be chewed

    Water cant not be chewed because i beileve it isnt a soild. But who knows in space it can be chew because their in zero gravity but on earth wate is a substance that can be seperated by almost anything. But my reasoning is that if you try to bit water its possible that you just bitting nothing.

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