• Interests bring people together

    I personally have five good friends online. My oldest (and still continuing) friendship is 3 years, and continues to increase. The ease of finding a person with like interests online and anonymity while being able to do so is a key component in building a friendship online. I enjoy having online friends - not only can I enjoy some anonymity, I know that the friendship is pure friendship with like interests instead of other motivators like sexual contact or a romantic relationship.

  • It's easy to make friends online.

    The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to make friends
    online. Actually, I think it’s easier to
    make friends online than it is in real life.
    Most friends have something in common, and the easiest way to find like-minded
    people quickly is to search online for people who have similar interests.

  • Define a friend.

    Depends on whatever you define a "friend" to be. Google defines it as: noun 1. A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Based on that, yes, you can make friends online. I think it's stupid when people say you can only make friends irl because then you can physically interact with them. So what if I can't hug or high five people I know online? It doesn't make them any less of a friend to me.

  • It’s very dangerous

    You have to be very careful because you do not know who is behind the screen. Is he or she a good person that wants to meet new people or is a criminal that wants to abuse the person that have a conversation with. If you want to make a friend from the internet BE VERY CAREFUL.

  • There are very bad people the internet

    's the sensitivity. People take anything seriously. I posted an article showing that divorce really screws up kids. I got back a half-dozen replies, all from people who'd had divorces, defending their own decisions. When I said that it wasn't personal, they said they still felt attacked.
    There were other instances of similar behavior too. People hover around Facebook, looking for some reason to cause a scene. Why was this, I wondered.
    It seems to me that if you have found something worth doing in life, you're mostly doing it. That doesn't mean your job. If your job sucks, you've probably got a project on the side. You're not going to devote your time to screwing around, which is what most people on Facebook do.

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