• You can overdose on anything

    Now, I know marijuana has its die hard fans, but if you can overdose on water, then you can surely overdose on an actual drug. Too much of anything is bad. Now, it will take a lot of marijuana for you to overdose, but a large amount doesn't mean overdosing is impossible.

  • Yes. ODing on marijuana is possible and does happen.

    Overdosing is simply taking "more than the normal or recommended amount of something, usually a drug." There are non-lethal overdoses and lethal overdoses. Bad trips are typically the result of a non-lethal overdose. Death can be a RESULT of an overdose, but dying from a drug is not the actual meaning for "overdose".

    Currently, marijuana isn't regulated, and therefore, there are no "warning labels" or "recommended dosage" to prevent negative side effects or ODing on it. If you've ever thought "I think I just smoked too much", you are probably on the border of an actual overdose. You stopped before the negative effects became "too much" for you and you should be glad. Not everyone is fortunate to know that it was "too much" until it's too late. Edibles are a prime example. They are far more potent than their smoke-able counterpart, last much longer, and the effects are delayed.... Making it much easier to overdo it, but not realize it until it actually kicks in.

    In most cases, if someone smokes or eats too much marijuana, they have a bad trip. Typically, these situations are not taken seriously because people DON'T die from it. If people actually died from it, it would be more carefully scrutinized and people would be more cautious. However, because of this, people smoke or eat it not thinking that "too much" could hurt them. On top of that, when someone actually does trip, others play off those traumatic experiences as the person being "unable to handle their [stuff]". This is a sad truth.

    Yes, there are no reports from lethal overdosing on marijuana. But panic attacks and short bouts of schizophrenia are common. People have gone to the hospital freaking out from smoking or eating too much weed. They think something is horribly wrong, but they have absolutely no control over how their body is reacting. I don't know about you, but that kind of reaction is not "normal". However, there are MANY reports of it having happened. Everyone will admit that the person obviously took "too much" or at least "more than they could handle". Hence, "more than the normal or recommended amount". So, therefore, they actually ODed. It's unfortunate that they had to experience such a thing, but they are fortunate that marijuana isn't the kinda of drug that you can lethally OD on. However, it sad that others don't take such events seriously, all because they didn't personally experience it themselves.

    Honestly, I can't wait until marijuana is legalized. More so because it will be regulated and that will hopefully lessen the number of people who have to experience bad trips. I'm not preaching against marijuana usage. I just think people need to be more aware that there are repercussions from not knowing your limits and what those effects are. If more people were made aware of the negatives, they would be better prepared to handle the situation when and if it does happen.

  • Definitely. Why can't you?

    This is because everything can be overdosed. Just like vitamins. I highly doubt consuming a lot of vitamins isn't harmful, but in this case, yes, it can be harmful. Additionally, many doctors choose not to use it simply because there isn't enough evidence to support anything that is positive for mairjuana apart from people's belief in its "good recreational use"

  • Yes you can overdose on Marijuana, the only thing is... That it would take a lot to make it happen.

    According to one frequently cited study, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to be at risk of dying. So the most you could do before you get to that amount is fall into a coma, and as long as your body receives everything it needs there's nothing to worry about. It would be like taking DMT.

  • Yes you can overdose but not death

    Smoked several times in my life before with high. Edibles are different. Ate pot cookie had EXTREME reaction. I don't care what anyone says it was real to me. My hallucinations, paranoid feelings and death like feelings were not fun. Yes, sign me up. No thanks. Wouldn't wish my experience on anyone. Not worth it. Please don't eat if you deal with anxiety of any kind. Not everyone is the same and pot community laughs it off. Not a community for me. I'll never do it again.

  • Yes you can by eating it.

    I was given a weed pill(large) from a dispensary so it want cut with anything else about 30/40 mins later I was dizzy and throwing up like I drank way to much alcohol. After a hour of throwing up I passed out.

    Also ate to much weed ice cream SAMETHING happened.
    It is possible to OD on weed but not to the point of death.

  • Because I just did

    I had quite a lot of weed when I was a teenager (roughly 200-300 times), I am now 33 and don't really do any. That was until my girlfriend got curious since she never tried it. She is not smoking so we decided to make a weed brownie. Out of busy business schedule, I couldn't find the time to properly search for all possibilities etc. I just googled a few recipes and got on with it. I wasn't even sure the amount of weed was enough. Anyway, we baked it and then ate a slice each. After 45 minutes, I had a very slight effect which felt like a poor-quality weed. I then said to my girlfriend that this was not going to be enough and that I was going to eat 2 more. She decided to eat 1.5 slices more. Just 10 minutes after that, the first slice kicked in... And I remember telling her "I have no idea what we are going to do when the second party kicks in". It was quite horrible. I almost completely lost the concept of my "self", I lost track of time. I would say a word, but right after, I would not be sure if I said it a few seconds ago or 15 minutes ago or if I said it at all. She experienced the same... We managed to take it calmly, and decided to sleep after feeling that we had left the worst behind, and it would not get any worse than that. After a 6-hour sleep, we woke up and were still under a significantly reduced effect. All in all, it was 4.5 hours after we had eaten the first slice until we went to bed. Considering we still had some effect when we woke up, I would say this overdose episode went on around 10 hours. Certainly not recommended. If any of us was a panicky personality, this experience could end up really really badly...

  • Overdose does not = death

    Its quite obvious that death is nearly impossible from weed alone, but to OD on weed is possible, and likely if you smoke too much of it. Even the 'no' guys admit It, it's called "greening out". If you had any underling condition, like a heart condition, the elevated heart rate could cause cardiac arrest. The paranoid freaking out on too much weed could do something really stupid (jump out a window to get away from green aliens) and fall to their death. YES, entirely possible to OD from too much weed, just like any drug, but extremely unlikely to result in death, even indirectly.

  • My son did...

    My son OD'd on marijuana three weeks ago. He didn't die but he was very messed up. Now I have tried it myself, and am quite positive I'm allergic to it. Let's face it, an allergy to almost anything can be possible, but of course they never test for marijuana. I think genetically wise he probably is allergic too. He's 15, 6 ft tall and man sized. After 4 hits from a bong he passed out twice. Like completely fainted. He had to be carried to a different location & was rushed to ER. Could't walk, or talk, was shaking, vomiting, very elevated heart rate, shortness of breath. After 5 hours he was discharged from ER. Toxicology came back with nothing but marijuana in his system. After arriving home, he slept for 15 hours. It was a scary experience. Just thought I'd share...But it is possible to overdose on weed. Every individual's chemistry is different, and although seemingly rare, some people's bodies cannot process it normally.

  • Overdose does not equate to death.

    To overdose on something does not require death. Information gleaned from many things that I have read and observed, a person would not be likely to experience a lethal overdose. However, they may vomit, "freak out", and/or fall asleep from dosing too much for their personal body weight and chemistry.

  • It is impossible to overdose on marijuana.

    You cannot overdose on anything. You can drown from drinking to much water, but you cannot overdose on grass. Weed is a natural herb. There are only a few mild side effects. Even though it can lead to other things, you can absolutely not overdose on pot. Simple as that.

  • It is not possible to overdose on marijuana, I study it at Harvard.

    There is no possible way to overdose on marijuana. Marijuana is a natural growing herb from the earth, just like grass. The only side effects that marijuana can have on the human body is short term memory loss, paranoia, ect. The only possible way to overdose is if you put something else in it, such as cocaine, or oxycodine.

  • I have tried, and failed.

    I have tried to overdose on weed. I smoked it for several hours at one time, not working afterword. I tried to eat some hash brownies (also known as weed brownies). This also didn't work. I ran out of solutions so then I tried to eat the weed and some shrooms. You can not overdose!

  • No

    No you can not overdose from marijuana. You would have to smoke at least your body weight in marijuana to cause an overdose of THC in your system. Trying to overdose of marijuana would make a person pass out from oxygen loss far before they ever experienced any signs of an overdose. The only thing that a person will do from consuming a great amount of marijuana is sit around and laugh at anything remotely funny while eating anything within arms reach.

  • You might eat yourself to death.

    There have been no instances of death connected to smoking too much marijuana. I have seen some people consume a lot of food if they smoke too much, so the potential of dying from a food overdose is more likely than dying from a weed overdose. There is no evidence suggesting that marijuana can kill if you smoke too much in one sitting.

  • NO!

    No, It's not even possible for a person to actually overdose on marijuana. The most it will do is put you to sleep if you smoke too much. There are no documented cases of a person ever dying due to too much marijuana in the system, since It's a natural herb.

  • You can't overdose on marijuana

    This opinion is based on the semantics of "overdose." In a medical sense, overdosing is the ingestion of some sort of substance that is over the recommended dose, or causes a toxic reaction or leads to death.
    Since there is no medically "safe" dose of marijuana, one cannot overdose in that regard. Also, since there have been no instances of death or toxic body reactions to marijuana, one cannot overdose in that sense either.

    In short, since marijuana does not cause a detrimental effect to the body that leads to necrosis, death, toxicity, etc, it cannot be considered a danger to ingest in large quantities.

  • Science says no

    A person without any heart condition and no allergy that smokes marijuana cannot overdose and die. Our CB1 and CB2 receptors that are effected by marijuana are not attached to the brain stem, they're attached to the brain. Having an anxiety attack, extreme paranoia, or an increased heart beat does not classify as overdosing.

    Watch this short science backed video that goes over all the compounds of the plant.

  • Claims show no evidence and Studies show no deaths

    In order to overdose on Cannabis (Marijuanna), studies show you need to consume a ratio of 1 to 40,000 times the amount of what you need to consume to be "stoned".

    Note that the recent "37 deaths" during the first day of legalization in Colorado published as an article lately has been proven a hoax and also if these deaths were true, it still is completely irrelevant with the use of cannabis.

  • I overdose on caffeine on a regular basis...

    People may be really paranoid, hungry, tired and occasional freak out. But I have never seen any one need to seek medical attention. I have however seen several people that need to get medical attention due to binge drinking. There is an effect for everything you put in your body if you take it to excessive measures.

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