• For argument's sake

    I have listened to philosophical arguments in favor of God's existence and some of them are extremely compelling. The two that are most compelling to me are the argument from design(cosmological argument) and the argument from moral experience(psychological argument). For the sake of argument, I'll use those two arguments and attempt to prove that there is a God. Design requires a designer, the more we learn about the universe through the sciences, the more perfectly calibrated it appears. The cosmos is like a giant incubator. The chances of this universe coming into existence by chance is unbelievably slim. And how can we explain the experience of an absolute moral obligation? From matter? Something like that requires a will.

  • Yes of course

    The bible is true and it is a book actually written by real people in the B.C. We should respect them and since Bible said that God exists, he exists. God exists and Jesus also exists, the Bible is the proof that God, the father of Jesus Christ our lord, exists.

  • Allahu ackbar man

    People don't blow themselves to smithereens for no reason. The men whomst did nine elven knew how to make nice bombs and fly planes to they must have been intelligent and so they would not believe in something that is fake. God told them they would get a bunch of virgins in heaven so they must have talked to him and thus know he exists. Illumknati confirmed. Bush did 711. Rip grandma. Harambe 4:20

  • The multi God argument

    Yes Many religions exist and many of them point to different Gods and different teachings, but that does not make the concept of a grandeur and all knowing God irrelevant. If your look at all the main religions of the world, they all have a central set of teachings or morals that parallel each other. There may very well be one God with a plan for the world, but the different peoples just interpreted him and his teaching to what would best suit their culture. Look and the 3 Abrahamic religions. They all believe in the same central God, the One God, but all take on his teachings and plan for the world slightly differently. The Multi Religion argument is irrelevant because of this concept of the cultural interpretations

  • It makes sense

    In certain cases, such as this, evidence is not statistics instead it is logical thought. Everyone knows about cause and effect and in order for the universe to first start, it had to be caused by someone. Someone might say that God therefore needs to be created but he is an abstract being and in order for a material universe to come in place it must have started with a abstract non-material being.

  • It isn't needed

    I can believe in God because I feel his presence. I don't have to have a good argument for God's existence, I'll go further and say I know there is a God by nature. We always feel the need to believe in something bigger than us. I also agree, that the cosmological and moral arguments are the best. If I believe Evil is subjective than who decides what's right and wrong? Thus, morals are objective and we know them through a guideline that is the holy book, I believe is the Qur'an.

  • God is real.

    Just recently, Smithsonian Magazine has discovered the Tower of Babel! We have also found Goliath's bones. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Miracles in a life

    Many things happen in a persons life i'm talking about when praying for something, don't say "i broke my collar bone because god chose that to happen." take my word. Now i need more words for this to submit so i'm going to type stuff: hi hi hi hello lol!

  • No,no you cant

    There is no possible way to prove or not to prove that God exists.
    Plus the things mentioned in the Bible are as they say on "biblical" proportions. If things that happened in the Bible were actually real the world would be a different place...Like WAY different. I really doubt mythical beings who can multiply fish and bread and turn dirt into complex-minded beings; really exist. For the most part religion is just something to give people something to run to when there's trouble or when things don't make sense. Like dinosaurs; when I went to a private school I asked them that if dinosaurs didn't exist then how do we have bones? After that he changed his answer and said that dinosaurs lived among humans.
    If you think that God exists then that's what you believe, but just realize that there's tons of other religions out there that supposedly have their own "gods"- that's why there's atheist, the people who don't believe in any god or religion as to not have biased opinion when saying they don't believe in "your" god.

  • Really not possible

    Sorry folks - It is not possible to prove, at least not in any intellectually satisfying way. His works on earth and the cosmos have alternate and plausible explanations. That includes areas as biology, physics, astronomy and the study of morality,

    Also, there equal probability of there being gods, rather than a god.

  • There is no proof for either side

    Wether or not you believe in God, there is no proof for him on either side. There is evidence that he does not exist, but not enough to be called proof. The bible is not proof, as if the bible was proof of God's existence, then Dr Who books would be proof that The Doctor exists. I am an atheist, and i recognise that there is no proof either way, and I have religious friends that also know this. If we could prove his existence, no-one would not believe in him. We can answer this question, therefore, by just looking at the fact that there are non-religious people in the world, and it is a decisive no.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    I do not believe in your god, but my god is definitely real. Our book, the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster states the the Flying Spaghetti Monster is our god and that he created the universe. This is proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists. “Accept His Noodly Magnificence into your heart, into your soul, and ye shall forever be free. R'Amen.”

  • Until god waves his rosey red flag, he's a forgery

    How can you prove something that is unproved and something that is unknown and something that has never been seen? What do you look for to prove this unknown commodity of non existence? Um no. Sorry. The burden of proof is always upon those who claim "let there be light" or "let the truth be known" because it is they that makes those claims. And we sit around and laugh with glee and the mint cookies on the shelves.

  • Just being honest.

    There are multiple God and Gods throughout history. Science will continue to progress and learn as religion/God claims will stay the same forever. I am not saying God does not exist if anyone thinks I'm claiming that. It's hard to accept that everything can happen naturally. It's to accept we are simple a huge experiment made by an all loving invisible being that will send me to hell if I don't live according to their rules. If people can say God is enternal and was not created, can't I say the same thing without having to submit my logic and reason by dwelling in the supernatural. God could exist, but religion is false. And without religion God is simply a thought that everyone has a personal meaning to it. Subjective, not objective.

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