Canadian $100 banknote featured an Asian woman on the back using a microscope: Should we stop using paper money altogether?

  • Paper money is outdated

    A Canadian banknote now features more diversity, with the image of an Asian woman using a microscope. This is wonderful progress, but even more progress could be made on the technology side of things by making digital money even more common. This eliminates the hassle of having money be lost, stolen, or ripped.

  • Libertarian point of view

    Do you want the govt or companies to know what you are buying? They can and do use such information for marketing and for keeping tabs on people. Even if a govt doesn't collect, if the company does, the govt can likely put great pressure on the company to release information. Further, credit/debit cards charge fees to businesses for each transaction. Big businesses can weather this and don't trickle down to the consumers, but small businesses can charge each consumer a surcharge for use, or limit credit card use to $10 or more in order to use the card. My only irritation is that I can't use cash to buy stuff on Amazon :)

  • No, we should not stop using paper money altogether.

    Paper money is still a convenient way for many to make simple transactions for purchases. Getting rid of paper money would not stop fraud and theft. Instead, we should learn how to spot fake bills. One can usually recognize a fake bill if he examines it carefully enough. In short, because of its convenience for making simple purchases, we should not stop using paper money altogether.

  • We should not stop using paper money

    In spite of the fact that Canadian $100 banknote features an Asian woman using a microscope, we should not stop using paper money altogether. If we do not have a medium of transferring funds as we bargain for products and services, there is too much room for fraud, Criminal activity and left. However, we should get rid of the penny.

  • No, unless everyone has access to debit cards and other similar things.

    Many people are forced to use cash still, because they lack access to bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, etc. If everyone was given access to these things, then it would make some sense to switch away from paper money. However, there could still be issues. For example, if there is a power outage or card readers in a store stop working, no one will be able to pay without cash. It's good to have cash as a backup plan, even if many people don't use it much anymore.

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