Cancelled Obama Meeting With Philippine Leader: Has Duterte gone too far?

  • I thought that he went too far when he decided to sanction purges of his own citizens, but sure, insulting the president is way worse.

    Obvious sarcasm is obvious, but in all serious this man has no self control. Sure, drug use is a problem, but when you declare support for unlawful (let me clarify HIS POLICE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE KILLING CIVILIANS) purges upon your own populous, you need to take a step back. It genuinely surprises me that being insulted was Obama's last straw.

  • Yes. he ihas.

    Very Trump-like attitude from Duterte. Seems many in the world are turning to infantile, low-class, foul-mouthed, ignorant bullies for leadership. The Filipinos are, as a group, are one of the most friendly and polite cultures in the world. Most would be embarrassed by the acts of this clown. Exactly what do you think that Obama did that was wrong here?

  • Yes, I believe that Philippine leader Duterte has gone too far.

    Yes, I believe that Philippine leader Duterte has gone too far with his misogynistic and hateful comments against President Obama. For a world leader to use such derogatory language is inappropriate and embarrassing. President Obama was smart to cancel the meeting with Duterte - it shows true leadership and thoughtful diplomacy.

  • Yes, Duterte has gone too far.

    Yes, Duterte has gone too far in insulting Barack Obama. This latest insult is not the first time Duterte has used inappropriate language to speak about the United States or its president. In his position of power, Duterte should use better judgment and remain respectful to other nations. It is the only way to properly lead.

  • He is out of control

    The Philippine leader went way too far and obviously he finally figured that out as he back pedals claiming he was talking about a journalist not the president. If you want to know what a Donald Trump presidency would be like then look at this buffoon. Trump would have to constantly backpedal and apologize, while the world lost respect for him.

  • He's a president

    He is the president he can do what ever the fuck he wants, if he wants to shoot some one he can if he wants money he gets it,
    Vote for trump for 2016 g g g g g g g g g g. G g g g g g

  • Of course not

    He's a sovereign ruler, and he's under no obligation to meet with Obama. He didn't violate any treaty or sanction, he broke no formal contract, he just had some sharp words for our pathetic excuse for a leader. Get over it. It's the same reason Putin didn't make a deal regarding Syria. Obama is so used to the American politicians catering to his every whim for fear of being labeled a racist and having their homes burned by BLM for daring to disagree with him that he's out of his element dealing with leaders who aren't afraid of him. His own weakness is covered up by the fascist mass media and PC police with the implied threat of "do what we say or your town may end up like Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and on and on it goes".

    Duterte and Putin aren't afraid of Obama, and he doesn't know how to deal with that. In his world, all he has to do is claim his feelings are hurt and the whole country starts falling all over themselves trying to appease him. Now, he's telling people "you hurt my feelings" and they're saying "I don't care" and he's just left stammering because he doesn't have a response.

    There are no world leaders who respect Obama for the simple fact that he is weak. He is possibly the weakest President in the history of our country. If Roosevelt had dealt with Nazi Germany the way Obama has dealt with ISIS the third reich would still be going strong. Every other leader sees his weakness, and so even a small country leader like Duterte has no problem defying him. Get used to it, it will be even worse under Hillary.

    Posted by: SM29
  • It's his country.

    It's Obama's fault for making accusations of extrajudicial killings in Duterte's country. To Diterte, these are false accusations as he is simply getting rid of the drug trade in his country. Obviously the drug gangs are not going without a fight so are dying in the process. It's a war on drugs and the enemy is armed. You should expect casualties.
    Just imagine if the U.S. tried to arrest everyone involved in the drug trade.
    It is estimated that over that here are over 1 million gang members in the U.S. Most if not all these gangs are run with drug money. What do you think would happen if the U.S. attempted to arrest all 1 million + of these gang members? Do you think they would all go quietly? No, many would use whatever method they could to escape including shooting at police. Police would shoot back and likely kill them.

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