• No one cares lol

    Let them die no one needs them dont waste resources ha ha ha die no one loves you leave us losers you wont be missed and have jefuf hiefe g ffggff fg fg g g g g gd dg gd gd gd gd dg dg gd g d gd dg d

  • Absolutely not. Unbelievably no.

    I have no idea how this is even posed as a question.

    Unchecked cancer is death.
    A slow, painful, horrible death.

    There is no way I'd wish cancer on any soul, not even the worst of enemies. It is a hideous, terrible disease no one should EVER have to suffer from it.

    We need a way to cure cancer, to RIGHT the body's inability to shut off the cancerous cells. Doing nothing simply leaves them to their inevitable fate. An awful, painful fate.

  • Better for people to get better

    Why would you want cancer
    no cancer!
    I hate cancer!
    Cancer haters!
    Go away Cancer
    No more cancer!
    Cancer means death
    no more expensive cancer treatment
    No cancer
    Cancer is bad
    Cancer should be gone
    Cancer is stupid
    Cancer is no more
    Cancer in worse than flu
    I hate Cancer

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