Capitol building locked down after possible shots fired: Is this proof strict gun control is needed in America?

  • Stop denying the facts.

    Look at the facts and the United States clearly needs gun control. For example there are about 5 checks that you need to go through, in most other countries that are developed like the U.K, Finland, Germany, yet the U.S has none. If you look at all the statistics (adjusted to percentage) you will see that the U.S is way higher in gun violence, and other things.
    If you wish to see exact facts, watch this video, keep an open mind, and watch it all.

  • Yes, stricter gun control is needed in America

    The United States suffers with some of the highest-rates of gun related violence in the developed world. The Capital building lock-down after reports of shots fired is further proof that the country needs stricter gun control laws. Those that are known to be dangerous should not be able to purchase firearms. Therefore, some common sense gun control would reduce gun violence in America.

  • No, there are a variety of other ways that prove the need for strict gun control.

    The proliferation and normalization of mass shootings in America and the general rise in gun-related deaths, whether intentional or accidental, in conjunction with the incident at the Capitol building, are what prove that strict gun control is needed. The incident alone at the Capitol building does not by itself prove the need for strict gun control, as gun-related incidents are impossible to totally eliminate. It's when we take the incident and put it alongside the growing number of others, that we see the desperate need for firearm regulation.

  • Washington D.C. is a Target

    Strict gun control will not dissuade those who intend to do harm. The social mindset to inflict harm is a human problem not a weapon problem. As we have seen FBI screenings and reports are not effective. Gun control laws and lawful registration are not effect in changing the intent of the individual who has a mindset to harm others.

  • Gun Control Laws Will Not Solve the Problem

    Stricter gun control laws will not solve the recent spate of mass shootings in the United States. Limiting the legal sale and purchase of firearms will only deny law abiding citizens from purchasing firearms. There are currently over 300 million guns in the U.S. A new law will not do anything to get those 300 million guns off of the street.

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