Car with gas cylinders found near Notre Dame: Is Paris doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks?

  • A Nation Governed by Fear is No Nation

    All countries have their fail safes and ways of protecting their people but they must toe the fine line of protecting its people and maintaining that their citizens can go about their their without being put under a microscope. So the act of counter terrorism becomes not only an act of protection and defense but an act of balance. Some things will slipped past us. This is something that we must accept. We are no omniscient. We must take into account that a bombing happened one day but many days before that there was peace.

  • Paris is doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks

    Paris is doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks. Although a car with gas cylinders was found, this actually shows the government's vigilance. It is difficult given Europe's open border, but the government is sharply cracking down on radical Islamist groups that are trying to spread terror. This includes laws restricting freedoms.

  • Yes, the French are just ignorant..

    It couldn't be they are cautious as hundreds...yes, HUNDREDS of French people have been murdered by ISLAMIC terrorists in the last year. If this was a bomb and would have gone off it would have been okay as I guess they would have had mental health problems right? The French are just ignorant..

  • No, Paris is not doing enought to stop terrorist attacks.

    Paris had definitely stepped up its security in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks, but I feel that even more needs to be done. All European countries need to double their anti-terrorism efforts to combat the increased risk of Muslim terror attacks. More money needs to be spent to keep Paris safe.

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