Castration of sex offenders: Is castration consistent with individual rights?

  • Keep your hands to yourself

    I think that if someone commits a crime that is vile like rape and that sort of thing then yes they should be castrated. Any violation of rights was forfeit when they committed their crime. I do not believe that all sex offenders should have do to this since there are people that have to register as a sex offender and all they did was moon somebody. I believe that it is appropriate for some cases and should not be used lightly.

  • Medical consequences of castration are greater than sterility

    Sterility automatically occurs, preventing the sex offender from impregnating further victims (or consensual partners), but the loss of the hormone supply when castrated has grave medical consequences just short of death. Those who'd suffer such medical consequences have been tortured and torture of those who are incarcerated needs to STOP!

  • Sex offenders have no rights.

    There is nothing wrong with castration of sex offenders. Sex offenders have violated the rights of other people. Therefore we should have no concern for the rights of sexual offenders. Castration will prevent sex offenders from committing sexual acts in the future. It is good for everyone if these animals are castrated. We should castrate all sex offenders.

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