• Yes, people appriciate cats.

    It only takes a quick search on YouTube or a hop on Facebook to realize how much people like cats. They are cute, they are adorable, and they are many people's favorite furry friends. The whole internet might as well be called the cat net, because that's what it is filled with.

  • Cats Are Highly Valued

    Cats are one of the oldest domesticated animals. For as long as humans have kept animals in their homes, they have almost always kept cats. This speaks to how much value people place on the lives of their feline friends. Today, cats are cherished members of the family in many households all around the world.

  • People do not necessarily appreciate the true value of cats.

    While some people are cat lovers and appreciate all that a cat can do, others think of cats of useless or simply as pets. Cats are very intelligent animals and can be very perceptive. Certain cats have been known to chase predators away from humans or even save a life. People should learn more about what cats are capable of and appreciate them more.

  • They are just pets.

    Personally, I like cats, I think they are adorable and very intelligent. But just like any other pets, I think they are undervalued and just kept in the home for the sake of keeping them. You should appreciate your pets, treat them well, and remember that they are not gonna be around forever.

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