• Censorship can Always be justified

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  • Yes, of course.

    In terms of government censorship, there are many things that would constitute censoring. It is justifiable to censor whenever a "clear and present danger" is present. It is vital to censor certain things in order to protect national security. Whatever we can see, the enemy can see. Also, many nations have required to censor the absolute truth in order to keep the public open to new ideas and solutions to problems. Take WWII for example, it was necessary for FDR to censor certain truths in order to keep the general public open to helping the nation. If everyone knew the bleakness of some truths, it could cause mass panic.

  • Yes, there are limits on free speech.

    Yes, censorship is justified sometimes in the name of decency. When I drive my children to church, I don't want them to have to pass naked people protesting on the street. This is a valuable use of censorship. It is okay for the government to limit the time or location of free speech, as long as it is allowed freely in some circumstances.

  • Sometimes censorship is necessary.

    I am against censorship in most
    cases. I think that people should be
    able to decide for themselves what is obscene and what is acceptable. When the government begins to step in and
    determine what is allowed and what is not allowed, we lose some of our
    rights. But, I think that censorship is
    justified in the case of child pornography.

  • Censorship Could Never Be Justified...

    All that censorship is, is the preservation of the opinions of those who are supporting and not displaying any form of malicious action against a group or individual yet we can easily view these same forms of content in books and magazine articles and yet people idly stand by not questioning what is to hide and who wants it hidden?

  • Censorship Is Not Justifiable

    I do not believe censorship is every justified. People who want to censor things are often pushing their ideas and opinions off on other people or they are attempting to hide something, they don't want others to know. I prefer to experience things for myself and make my own decisions.

  • In very specific circumstances

    Its easy to believe that censorship is never justified in any way, but there are always certain circumstances in which censorship should be justified. In the event that a person or number of people have their lives significantly put at risk (ie: during war, if soldier's locations and plans are to be published), censorship could be justified - the key is to not over-apply this concept.

  • Censorship is never justified

    There are laws to prevent slander, and other bad speech, and therefore there is no need for censorship except to silence opposition and alternative opinions. There is no place for that in any free society. There is no society that should not be free. There is never an excuse or justification for censorship.

  • Censorship is Never Justified

    No, censorship is never justified. The freedom of speech is one of the most important human rights. A person should be allowed to voice any viewpoint that the person wishes, so long as that viewpoint does not incite violence against others (at which point it is no longer free speech.)

  • Censorship is never necessary

    Censorship has historically been used to curb free speech and it is no different today. The idea is that "troublemakers" will "disenfranchise" society is nonsense, and it promotes a certain strain of anti-intellectualism that has become eerily prevalent in today's society. Although not without its problems, the advent of the Internet has helped embolden and empower those on the fringes of societies, such as the homosexual and transgendered community, who don't have a lot of support in oppressive parts of the country.

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