Changing Food Stamp Laws: Is it okay to crack down on those receiving food stamps that don't have jobs?

  • If it is okay

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  • Increased crack downs can lead to increased motivation.

    Yes, it is reasonable to crack down on food stamp recipients who don't have jobs. Many of these people may have fallen into a rut and made food stamps a way of life instead of a path to self-sufficiency. However at the same time, we need to recognize that not all people without jobs are making that a choice. There are legitimate reasons some people don't have jobs and we need to be ready to address those issues. Perhaps they don't have job hunting skills. They may be caring for a sick or elderly relative, etc. There need to be some exceptions and some assistance for those with legitimate reasons for not having a job.

  • Yes, the government should have require a person who receives benefits to work if they are able.

    Many people who are on food stamps do not work and it is unfair to those who work and have to struggle to buy food. If someone is receiving food stamps the government should have checks in place to make sure they are meeting the work requirements. When the government doesn't take care of these things it only encourages people to not meet the standards put in place.

  • The stamps are allocated to families based on income and budget

    It is not okay to crack down on families receiving food stamps that don't have jobs. The stamps help families in difficulties. One of the main reasons families are experiencing difficulties is a loss of employment. The stamps are a way to help people as they, hopefully, strive to find employment and a more independent way of life. If families don't have employment, they should not be accused of taking advantage of the program.

  • No, people without jobs need food stamps the most.

    No, people without jobs are more likely to be in need of assistance. People without jobs have little to no income and may be struggling to acquire basic needs such as food and shelter. Lives could be put in jeopardy by taking food stamps away from people without a job. People will also have more time to look for employment once their basic needs are met.

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