Channing Tatum is a successful actor who admitted to being a stripper. Is there a double standard from men in Hollywood?

  • Why should Hollywood be any different?

    It is absurd to think that Hollywood should be held to a higher standard than the rest of the US when it comes to double standards for women and men. Mr. Tatum has produced a few movies in which is the lead, that does not especially mean he is successful, and men and women are held to different standards for sex, infidelity and success in the modern world.

  • YEs, there is.

    No female actor would be able to say that she had a past as a stripper without being branded as a slut or regulated to roles that were demeaning and slutty. There are a lot of double standards for men and women in Hollywood and this is only one of these.

  • Of course, there is a double standard.

    Channing Tatum admitted to being a stripper, and no one really cares. If this was a famous woman actress, it would be all over the place and could possibly ruin her career. For men, being a stripper is completely fine while for women, it is a horrific act. It is definitely a double standard.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Channing Tatum became an actor, had many box office hits. Amber Rose runs her mouth and is only famous because Wiz Khalifa married a stripper. Jenny McCarthy was a porno star and went on to being on Oprah and the view. Nobody cared. Pam Anderson is now an animal rights crusader, no longer a playboy bunny and nobody cares. The only person who cares about amber rose is amber rose, there is no double standard just a lack of talent. She has to run her mouth to stay relevant.

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