Chessy Prout, St. Paul's sex assault survivor, is speaking out. Will this encourage victims to come forward?

  • Taking the brave step and speaking out about the heinous assault she endured, Chessy Prout proves there is room for us all to speak up about the issue of sexual assault.

    In speaking out, Chessy Prout provides a strong and unchallenged voice against her attacker. In doing this, she provides many other victims from other active cases a spotlight in which to have their feelings, emotions and experiences heard. In showing her strength of character and bravery in the face of obvious trauma, other victims will see a woman overcoming the crimes committed against her. In speaking out, Chessy has given her side of the story a voice, and a face, where many go into the realms of anonymity. In becoming a figurehead for this case, she empowers others involved in this case, and cases ongoing nationally, to step up regarding their experiences and opinions. It provides a moment of watershed for others who may have felt pressured or too scared to face their experiences in the media spotlight. The light of new testimony provides a pinpoint moment where others can relate, where otherwise victims feel alone and singled out. The brave step taken will give voice to an otherwise personal, individual concern, and allow other victims to have the strength and reassurance of backing their own experience. Whilst all cases come from the opinion of the individual involved, having just once voice speak out on a matter as heinous as sexual assault, energizes those who before chose to remain silent due to a feeling of loneliness or futility. Suddenly the ability to have a voice, to speak out about experience, is unlocked. To have others speaking out about emotional topics such as sexual assault empowers the victim in a way that being a lone voice cannot. It is a domino effect that increases the confidence and strength of those remaining silent to the point where they can reach a watershed moment and speak out. In deciding to speak out on a topic that sometimes feels taboo and hides the immense emotional havoc it can, and does cause, Chessy has become a figurehead for those also affected by sexual assault. In reality, sexual assault is often left as an embarrassing secret, but in feeling able to speak up and out about their experiences, suddenly victims are able to join a larger community of voices, instead of being shackled by the "one quiet voice" mentality that has gripped this issue in many countries.

  • Yes, I hope so.

    I hope her lawsuit drives this "old boys" school into bankruptcy. It certainly seems that the administration knew about and approved(at least tacitly) of this "Senior Salute" and should be prosecuted for conspiracy in relation to sexual assault. Ms. Prout is fortunate to have her family united behind her. She is one brave young woman. Her attacker (that's what he is) deserves to be a registered sex offender forever and known far and wide as a predator.

  • Yes, by speaking out Chessy Prout will encourage other victims to come forward.

    By speaking out, Chessy Prout will be an encouragement to other sexual assault survivors to come forward. The shame and embarrassment suffered by sexual assault survivors often keeps them silent. Time and again when one person comes forward, other victims realize that they are not alone and will also come forward.

  • Yes, they will feel more comfortable doing so.

    Some people feel uncomfortable being the first person to speak up about something so personal and traumatic. Knowing that others have been through the same thing will give them the courage they need to stand up and speak out. They all have something important in common, they all want the evil sex offender to be punished.

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