• Ford is crap

    Ford a weak rip off Chevy beats all other trucks. I have seen too many fords lose to Chevy because ford cannot do squat crap. And that stupid ford summer spectacular commercial that armored truck was clearly in REVERSE. So ford can go you know what off because Chevy is clearly better.

  • Chevies are better

    New chevy trucks are not very good. They look nice but thats it. To much tech. But old chevy trucks look much better hten fords. They are more reliable. More powerful, about hte same mpg but who cares about mpg. I own a ford rightn ow but i can say chevy trucks and cars are better.

  • I drive a S-10

    Since I bought my first truck from my grandfather. (Who's a Chevy salesman) I'm gonna have to go with Chevy. Nothing against Ford though, I'm just sayin. My 2001 S-10 gets me where I need to go so I'm happy with it. Wish it had better gas mileage, but oh well.

  • Fords stinks bad

    Chevy is a better car mare cares are Chevy not ford more people get Chevy ford stands for found on road dead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chevy rules ford just sucks

  • Ford is best

    I ink ford is best because they have better safety standards than ford and ford also has more line up of cars, even though you have seen the commercial of them getting safety award, it's a lie , because they made them awards up with fake metal, so Ford is the best on the land.

  • Fords sell more because they are cheep throw away trucks.

    At my company we have an arrangement set up that saved us about $1600 per truck and after 5 years or 80,000 miles we get rid of them. It ended up costing time and money taking them in for all of the constant recalls for insane things like are door latches not working and A/C going out. This is why our management gets a vehicle allowance to go buy what ever truck they want for a designated monthly truck allowance... None of them bought fords.

  • Chevy are the best

    Chevys are just the best and have better engines than ford. Fords suck really badly and they have the worst engines ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! But chevys dont have bad engines tike fords do so next tme you want to buy a car buy a chevy!!!!!!!!!! Yes i said a chevy since there the best!!!!

    GOOD BYE!!

    Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chevys all around better than Ford

    Chevys ride better, have better engines, & are more solid all around. They cost less to repair & their dealer support is better. But most of all it is about the engines, because Chevys are really good and Fords are really bad, especially their gas engines. Chevys also last much longer because their built so well

  • Chevy is better than ford

    We bought a bran new 2016 ford and ever since we bought it it has broke down spending over over three weeks in the shop every time it has broke down the truck has been in the shop over 9 times, we own a 2005 Chevy canyon that has never broken down and we have had it for over 10 years.

  • DO you want the worst or the best.

    Chevy and Ford have always been rivals but one word that makes Ford guys tremble is. Corvette Ford had attempted to challenge the Corvette but failed with the Ford Gt. Which had 200 more horsepower but still failed to beat the Chevy Corvette. The prices were very different and the quality as well.

  • Chevy is a Deathtrap

    Chevrolet is a younger comapny therefore Chevy is the rip off. Secondly, i have experience with work trucks in the field. I work for my tuition at my school and we have a silverado, an f-250 flatbed and a ranger. The ranger has 350,507 miles and still going. The F-250 is about 247,980 and the silverado is about 200,000 and on its second engine. The silverado is only driven by the supervisors so its babied unlike the two Ford trucks. The two Fords have withstood anything weve thrown on them. Did i mention both the Fords are on the original trans?

  • Wonder why Ford keeps outselling Chevy, if Chevy is so superior?

    I live were damn near everyone owns a truck. In the city you do see more Chevy's in driveways, at the grocery store, and wal mart. However around the farm fields and construction sites, Ford rules the roast followed by Dodge. Now the first thing Mr. Chevy is gonna say is "thats because they're cheaper. Which in most cases may be true however not significantly enough to warrant choosing one on price alone. They are tough trucks and they can handle the daily abuse of real work. I don't believe hauling a occasional boat around or hauling groceries home warrants even having a truck but many do anyways. Finally if they weren't they would not be the best selling truck year in and year out.

  • The Clear Winner is Ford

    Just this year, the Chevy Silverado, Chevrolet's most popular truck, has been recalled 6, count them, 6, times. The Chevrolet Colorado has been recalled 3 times in the past. The Ford F-150 has been recalled once this year. For 2014 in total, GM (which includes Chevrolet) has recalled over 28 million vehicles. For has only recalled just over 2 million. My father has had 2 Chevrolet trucks, and he had to get rid of both of them because they were costing him to much money to repair. My social studies teacher has had 7 Ford Rangers and put over 100,000 miles on each one. My choice is Ford.

  • Ford is better thin Chevy

    A Chevy can go anywhere as long as a ford is pulling it. You need to raise your kids right and piss on a Chevy. And ford makes the panties drop. Ford mustangs are fast that Camaro. But Dodge is better that both. Dodge has more power that ford and chivy.

  • Fords always been better than chevy.

    Fords have always been better than chevy because in the late 90s and early 2000s they had the tritons the 5.4l was and is still a much better engine in reliability, plus the 5.4 made like 50 ft lbs. More torque and like 10 less horsepower than the 5.3 but that 10hp difference does not make it a faster vehicle in fact the 5.4 could pull more and the tranny is the same reliability ad the engine. I would rant more about this and piss more chevy butthurts. Plus don't you chevy butthurts have to go fix your chevy while us ford guys can just laugh at you some more.

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bacadreau20 says2017-03-28T17:15:36.180
Ford ford your the best drive a mile walk the rest
bacadreau20 says2017-03-28T17:16:36.490
Ford ford your the best drive a mile walk the rest