• Chevy corvette for the win

    Corvette have been around longer and are more reliable. Ford has been known to break down and me personally I don’t find that reliable to be driving on the road. Corvette also sounds cooler in the name and the engine. Who chooses 2 words for a car?!?! That is why if your are debating to buy a corvette or a gt I say... BUY A CORVETTE!!!!!

  • Ford gt all the way

    True, Corvettes have been around longer, but that doesn't mean they're more reliable. Comparing these two cars isn't even a fair fight... For the Corvette. The gt has a lot going for it. It's got exclusivity, it's better looking [although that depends on your opinion] plus everyone knows what it is. Not many people run up to a Corvette owner and get all exited, but everyone loves the gt.

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