Chimp abandoned 30 years ago after being used for medical testing: Should animals be subjected to medical tests and experiments?

  • When the only option is between an animal and human than yes.

    In most cases tissue culture and simulations do the trick but when it's still useful to test on animals in case there is some effect that cannot be seen when observed with tissue alone. Generally I wouldn't recommend chimp testing unless you need to test a psychological aspect, pigs and mice do the job just as well and are a lot less intelligent.

  • If not animals, then what?

    I doubt anyone wants animal's to be tested on, I for example, am a vegetarian and I do not partake on killing animals for my own pleasure. But, it is necessary to test on animals, because, it's bad if a chimp get's messed up in a test, but worse if it was a human.

  • Whats the alternative.

    Do you believe that those working in these areas enjoy harming animals, or that computer modelling equates to physical tests. Do you think these tests are worth doing, or are a benefit. How many humans live today thanks to the sacrifice of animals. If those performing these test still require animals are you satisfied to allow it. Life is messy and when a reliable alternative is found that involves zero animals that will be just great. Until then we either continue using animals or give up and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Yes, but only if they are not harmed in research

    We can definitely learn a lot from the testing of products and medicines on animals, in turn using them for the benefit of human life. However, there are boundaries that should not be crossed; it is inhumane for animals to suffer strictly for our benefit, as there are surely alternatives in research.

  • Yes, but maybe not chimps.

    They are too close to humans. And only for medical testing. We should use the least intelligent animal possible to still get an accurate result. Mice are often enough. Sorry, but human lives are more valuable than, say, rats's lives. If experimenting on some rats can save human lives, we must do so.

  • I do not believe animals should be subject to medical testing and experimentation.

    No, I do not believe animals should be subject to medical testing and experimentation. I think subjecting animals to this type of thing is cruel and inhumane. With the scientific advancements and technology available to us in our contemporary society, there should be alternate methods to testing and experimentation that do not jeopardize the health and lives of innocent animals.

  • Animal testing is animal abuse

    Animals have been used for good things, like working as therapy pets or rescue animals or as part of the police force. Unfortunately, they have also been used as test subjects for beauty companies and medical experiments. This is a barbaric practice that should be stopped immediately: no animal deserves to be abused in the cause of "advancing science."

  • No, it is unethical and selfish.

    Us humans are never willing to do the dirty work. We rely on endangering other animals for our own benefit. Many people are saying that if we don't test on animals, how will we test out the medicines. The answer is very simple: test it on humans (willingly).We can't rely on animals for everything.

  • No they should not.

    Humans are NO MORE important than any other animal, if not less. If humans never existed, the world today would be a MUCH better place. If any other animal never existed the WHOLE SYSTEM OF NATURE would just collapse. We are a virus, working together to slowly destroy the host (Earth) and the life upon it. And we are NOT the most intelligent species. There have been PLENTY of studies done to show that animals are smarter than we used to think. Even if we were smarter it wouldn't have any effect on value. I could call a cheetah more valuable than you because they are faster. Animals are NOT ours to use in any way, shape, or form. The torture these poor things go through in testing is absolutely horrendous.

  • I just wanted to make the vote 50/50

    I like to have things balanced so why not? I do support the no side and there is an alternative. There is a more accurate way than animal testing and a more cheap way. This new way of alternate testing items are called organ chips, they simulate organ systems and can be used for testing new medicines.

  • No, it is cruel and unnecessary.

    At this point in medical study, very little animal testing should be necessary. Testing on chimps is incredibly cruel because of their high intelligence. We should use a combination of in vitro testing, computer modeling and tests on informed human subjects. This way, we avoid the cruelty of testing on chimps.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-06-22T13:33:58.720
I think the issue here isn't that they experimented on the monkey but what they did to it afterwards.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-22T13:35:05.457
They could've put the monkey in a zoo, or in some place in the wild among its own kind.