China harvesting organs from prisoners: Should foreign governments take more serious actions to punish China for human rights abuses?

  • Human rights are for everyone

    No government in this world should have the ability to blatantly deny a person their basic human rights. If it is true that the Chinese government is harvesting the organs of their prisoners against their will, especially if causing death, other countries need to get involved. The Chinese government needs to be addressed, in an effort to stop this from happening.

  • Yes, that is need!

    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) performs the second-highest number of organ transplants per country per year, yet there exist no sufficient public organ donation program or organ distribution system in China, and the Chinese population has a cultural aversion to donation. The practice of sourcing organs from nonconsenting prisoners is a violation of medical ethics and has been condemned by international medical organizations.

  • Yes, China should be punished for human rights abuse.

    The Chinese government has a poor record when it comes to human rights. The government has been harvesting organs from prisoners. These types of human rights violations should not go unnoticed by the rest of the World. The international community should seek ways to raise the issue of human rights to China; punishing the country for abuses.

  • Yes, foreign governments should step in for human rights in China.

    While it is true that prisoners have committed a crime that has made them an unsuitable part of society, it is also a fact that prisoners are still human beings and deserve their basic human rights. That China is harvesting organs from prisoners is totally unthinkable, and other countries must take the initiative to step in an assure protections for human rights.

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