China kidnaps bookseller: Does the Chinese government need to make political reforms, and offer more rights to citizens?

  • The Chinese government needs to make a lot of political reforms to offer more rights to citizens.

    Yes, the Chinese government is in dire need of political reforms that would give ordinary citizens basic rights that are afforded those in other nations. It would be unacceptable in the United States for the bookseller to have been abducted and detained the way that he was in China. There is little to nothing that citizens of China can do when they are not afforded basic rights by their judicial system.

  • Yes, they should

    The mere fact that China's human rights abuses are politely tolerated is mind-boggling to me. There can be no greater sin than clipping the wings of thosemeant to fly. To treat innocent civilians in such a manner is both appalling and shameful. I cannot understand why this is allowed to continue

  • Yes, the Chinese government needs to make political reforms.

    The Chinese government still cracks down on basic human rights and political freedom. When the government does not like what someone is saying or doing, that individual is often imprisoned. China is in need of major political reforms that will improve the condition of human rights in the country, as well as protect personal freedom.

  • China's affairs are its ownnbusiness and the rest of the worldshould butt out.

    However the Chinese choose to govern themselves is up to the people of China and no one knows whether the arrest is justified. We would not want other countries telling us how to manage our affairs or enforce our laws. We can choose whether or not to do business or maintain relations with other countries, including China. We can also voice our criticism of the Chinese government's actions, but we have no business dictating how they run their affairs.

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