China plans massive sea lab 10,000 feet underwater: Should the United States also consider building a massive sea lab?

  • Yes, the United States needs to consider bulding an underwater sea lab.

    It has been rumored that China is going to be using the sea lab for more than just developing the sea. That they will be using it for military purposes and I think the United States needs to be prepared for any type of situation that could arise from it. The seas in that area can be dangerous and I can't see them putting a sea lab in the oceans where it could be dangerous if they don't have ulterior motives.

  • It would lead to more discoveries.

    The bottom of the ocean has remained rather untouched by humanity. There are many different species of creatures down there that we have yet to discover. I believe building a sea lab at the bottom of the ocean will lead to many discoveries. It will also broaden our understanding of the ocean.

  • US should consider building sea lab

    Any government, if it is able and has the funds, should support science and discovery whenever they can. I think the United States could benefit from also having a sea lab. There are many species in the ocean we are not aware of, and a big sea lab in our country could help discover these new species.

  • No, we should not

    What we should do is let China build the massive sea lab and then confiscate it from them. We can say it is reparations for years of sending over poisoned products and enabling intellectual property theft to occur on their shores. This seems like reasonable deal to me, for sure.

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