China's disputed islands: Should the United States allow China to put weapons on these islands?

  • The United States should allow China to put weapons on these islands

    The United States should allow China to put weapons on these, and any, islands it wants to. There is no sense in the U.S. ramping up for military action against China. No one will win. Time for us to stop meddling in the affairs of so many countries. We'll be fine no matter what China does.

  • It's none of the United States' business anymore.

    The United States has a lot on its plate and it needs to sort itself out first. Its people need jobs and that's a number one priority. The rest of the world needs to start taking care of itself for a change. The countries disputing China's claim to these islands can go to the UN.

  • Islands are claimed by multiple parties, and ownership should be determined by an international body

    China's aggression in the South Pacific is concerning not because the islands themselves hold any real value, but because Chinese actions regarding them show a disregard for international norms and law. The United States, as the world's predominant power, must be the one to at least shake its finger at Beijing.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Well, previous satellite pictures of the islands, released by the Asia Maritime Defense Initiative in August, already indicated that China was building military facilities there. Those images appeared to show reinforced aircraft hangars at the Fiery Cross, Subi and Mischief Reefs, all part of the disputed parts of the archipelago.

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