Chinese breast milk scandal: Does China crack down too hard on activists?

  • The Chinese government puts citizens at risk with harsh crackdowns

    The supply of milk for infants in China is known to be contaminated. At least four infants have died and thousands more have become ill due to the tainted milk supply. By cracking down too harshly on activists, the Chinese government continues to put its citizens at risk and jeopardize the international food supply.

  • They are out of control.

    The Chinese government is completely power hungry and out of control. Their citizens are lacking in basic freedoms that they deserve based on their human rights. The latest arrest of a breast milk activist is just another example of how the government will do anything to shut up people who don't agree with them.

  • Yes, China does crack down too hard on activists.

    The Chinese government does crack down too hard on activists and dissidents. When Chinese citizens disagree with their government, many have to fear a recourse for speaking out. China violates human rights, especially for those that dare protests the government. Activists are often jailed by the Chinese government; some are even executed.

  • I don't believe China cracked down to hard in this scandal.

    The China breast milk scandal was nothing more than individuals being deceptive and taking advantage of a situation. Profiteering through deception can be dangerous and is inexcusable, particularly in this case. While minimal harm was done, this incident is a moral low and the individuals responsible should be held accountable.

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