Chinese festival serving dogs as food: Is eating dogs any worse than eating other animals?

  • Stop eating dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eating dogs is like eating your best friend. Yeah the dogs are being raised to be eaten but that's still bad. Most of the dogs who are being kept for the festival are people PETS. I don't care if a dog is ugly or hideous. It's how it was made. Everything is made for a purpose. Dogs are for companionship, not food. Tray kill the dogs by stabbing them to death. Look at the dog for the cover. I can tell it's scared and has feelings. People who like killing dogs are mad. I don't care if my friend has autism, it is who he is. Would you like your best friend taken and find him or her chopped up and up for sale, I didn't think so. I understand that China needs food badly but they have hundreds of miles for their open country. Your saying there is no food in that HUGE forest. You should get a reality check

  • Eating Dogs is not such a freaky thing

    First of all, I'd like to mention that the served dogs are not the same ones we raise as pets - they are raised only for the purpose of eating, like we raise pigs or cows for meat. Sure, eating domestic animals is wrong and shameful, you might say, but I say that these dogs are not domestic ones.
    Also, the Pros stated that the process of killing the dogs were cruel and disturbing. What we are talking about is whether eating dogs is any worse than eating other animals or not. If the killing is cruel, then we can look for a different way. That cannot be a reasonable assert for this debate.
    Lastly, the reason most people say that we should not eat dogs but we can eat others is because 'dog is men's friend'. I believe that is an extremely biased opinion. We cannot choose one life over another, and we cannot prioritize one over the other. Moreover, some say, then since humans are animals as well, am I saying that we can eat humans too, but no, I believe that question is irrational. This is because it is unlikely to think of an animal eating the same kind of animal, although it can eat a different kind. So the statement that 'if humans can eat any other animal, humans can eat humans too' is completely invalid.
    I just wanted to talk about the simple facts. Eating dogs is just the same as eating other animals.

  • Eating companion animals

    Looking at some of the arguments here, I,d like to point out to those who think the eating of cats and dogs is acceptable to look at the Yulin Dog Festival and the immense suffering that occurs with that event. The abuse that ensures is absolutely horrific and I thank God that I am one of many, including Chinese citizens who are penalized, who believe that this abuse should stop. Laws are in place in many countries regarding the welfare of domestic and factory animals and China should be no exception in towing the line. EATING DOMESTIC ANIMALS IS WRONG AND SHAMEFUL- a clear message.

  • Yes it is worse. And its very disturbing. Before dogs became dogs they were wolves. Then we started using wolves to our benefits and hunting

    We befriended the dogs and they are our pets, not our food.. Ever heard of mans best friend? Same with cats. We eat chicken, cows, pigs, lamb, goat, fish, and seafood. You dont hear too much about eating dogs. People also use dogs for gaurding, herding, helping them with a medical problem, being a loving family pet, a dog could also help a person like therapy. So yes eating a dog is much worse than eating a chicken or any normal slaughter animal. I would not eat my pet, if i was starving i'd rather eat something else, and if there was nothing else than oh well..

  • No, eating dogs is not any worse than eating other animals

    In regards to the Chinese festival serving dogs as food, eating dogs is not any worse than eating other animals. Humans are at the top of the food chain; we have our choice of animals and plants and should take advantage of this. I understand that this practice may be viewed as taboo because many cultures embrace dogs as pets, but I also sincerely doubt our ancestors hesitated to eat a dog if they were hungry.

  • It is convenient.

    No, serving dog as food is not any worse than eating other animals, because it is only in the United States that eating dog is stigmatized. There are also a lot of dogs and there is no reason that people shouldn't eat them, especially in places like China where people are starving. People need to do what they need to do to survive, and we shouldn't judge them.

  • All Animals are Equal

    Those who are arguing for the rights of dogs, should be asking themselves about the rights of the animals they eat. I am vegitarian and can see no difference between the exploitation of dogs from meat, vs. the exploitation and devoting of any other animals. Just because an animal is not domesticated or aesthetically pleasing, does not invalidate it's animal rights.

  • All the same.

    While many may argue that 'dogs are friends' and should therefore not be eaten, it is a truly hypocritical stance. Pigs and sheep can along be friends. They experience pain--physical and emotional--just as a dog does. Though culture clearly plays a part, it is ultimately the same problem with a different exterior.

  • Dogs are our friends not our fiends

    Here are a few facts you will need to know be four you vote 1 dogs are tortured for "just part of the fun" 2 pet dogs are stolen from homes 3 they are boiled alive, skinned alive, set on fire and dragged behind trucks with ropes tied to their necks press yes to stop this festival!!!!

  • Dog meat is like eating any type of meat.

    Dogs are just animals and just because we keep them as pets doesn't mean they aren't just normal animals. It's digusting that society portrays all other animals to be "destined" to become slaughtered for our own selfish greed. Just because dogs are cute and cows aren't for example, doesn't mean we can protect dogs and not cows. Last time I checked all animals are equal... And that's common sense. All animals have the same personalities, all animals deserve to be protected. I have a dog and cat as pets and I wouldn't want them to be slaughtered and tortured but at the end of the day they're animals. Humans came onto Earth being herbivores. We now torture animals just to get meat from them. It's disgusting. To the people who voted that eating dogs is wrong, you're oblivious and clueless. If dogs weren't cute you wouldn't give a thought about saving them. The only way you can be certain that animals are not being tortured for our pure benefit is purchasing Kosher meat. They kill the animal in the least painful way possible, and it is much cleaner than normal infested meat. If you aren't a vegan and you think eating dog meat is wrong, get a reality check.

  • No, eating dogs is not any worse.

    America has this idea that eating dogs or cats is sick, yet we eat cow, horse, pig, lamb, and a variety of other animals. While most of us would never eat a dog because we think of them as pets, Chinese culture is different. Animals have meat, and if it's in Chinese culture to eat dogs, it's not that weird.

  • Many animals we eat are equally sentient and intelligent if not more than domesticated dogs.

    The idea that dogs and cats should get special privilege over other animals in regards to animal rights is simply hypocritical and illogical in every sense i can imagine. The only logical solution is to say that we ought to favor the rights of all animals meaning no slaughter, torture practices or other activities that purposely harm them.

  • No, eating a dog isn't worse than eating another animal

    In the West there is a stigma attached to eating foods which are seen outside the norm. True, dogs are intelligent, and can be kept as pets but as are many animals such as pigs which we eat on a regular basis. However, while I'm not opposed to the concept of eating dogs I detest the methods of butchers in obtaining dogs (e.G. Stealing them form homes), the inhumane lack of regard for the dogs before and during their slaughter and the lack of regard to ricks of rabies and sanitation.
    Over all, to be frank I think we should be paying more attention to China's human rights violations than the fact they eat dogs.

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