Chinese Lawyer Jailed For Exposing Baby Milk Scandal. Is This Inexcusable?

  • Jailing of Chinese attorney who tried to save lives is reprehensible

    The Chinese government has demonstrated again its view on human rights by jailing attorney Zhou Shifeng for bringing public attention to the contaminated milk of China. The actions of China have a global impact. Whenever the Chinese government violates the rights of its citizens, it jeopardized the health and freedom of people around the globe.

  • Chinese lawyer shouldn't have been jailed

    A Chinese lawyer was jailed recently for unearthing the scandal that the government had allowed tainted baby formula to be released to the public. I think he shouldn't have been jailed. China is too quick to cover up any scandals that might hurt their reputation - which only fuels further international suspicion. This is just another such instance. China should own up to their mistakes instead of automatically jailing anyone who tries to speak out.

  • Yes, this is inexcusable.

    Jailing the Chinese lawyer for exposing the baby milk scandal is an inexcusable act. The Chinese government often punishes those that speak out against government policies. This lawyer was simply being a whistle-blower; trying to alert the public about a problem. The lawyer should not be jailed for exposing the scandal. Instead, he should be rewarded for alerting the public to this issue.

  • China needs freedom.

    The Chinese lawyer that was jailed for being open and honest as he exposed a scandal was punished very unfairly. The Chinese government is more concerned with keeping power and reducing the freedoms of their citizens than they are with what is right. People deserve the freedom to speak openly.

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