Chip Kelly coached his first game for the San Francisco 49ers. Will he have success there?

  • He is talented coach.

    Yes, coach Kelly will have success with the San Francisco 49ers, because he is more than an Xs and Os coach. He trains his players to be athletes first, and strategists second. That will help him do well with the 49ers. He has a solid history of competition with the Philadelphia Eagles and a strong reputation with the players. San Francisco has a solid fan base and they will rally behind his efforts.

  • Chip Kelly knows how to win football games

    The San Francisco 49ers offense had a good game and racked up 302 total yards on offense. They had a 13 to 7 lead over the Houston Texans by halftime. Even though Houston ultimately won the game, there are several clear indications that San Francisco will be a playoff threat under Kelly.

  • Yes, but only time will tell

    The San Francisco 49ers are historically great team that has had a mixed bag in terms of winning record in the past decade. Chip Kelly is an able minded coach with a clear plan. If he can return the 49ers to their previous glory that will be quite the accomplishment. But only time will tell if he will be able to. I think he will.

  • Chip Kelly will flop with 49ers

    Chip Kelly will flop with the San Francisco 49ers. He flamed out with the Eagles due to his personality, which alienated the front office and players. His system is also not conducive to success. It puts too much pressure on the defense, which has to stay on the field for long periods since the offense is designed to score quickly.

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