Chris Carter teamed up with Twitter after being dropped by ESPN. Does Twitter enhance viewing the game?

  • Yes, Twitter enhances viewing the game.

    Yes, Twitter enhances viewing the game because commentators are able to make judgments the second after a play occurs. If you want to know what Chris Carter has to say about a particular play, just log onto Twitter and find out. There is no waiting anymore. Everything is up to date.

  • Twitter does not enhance NFL games

    The use of Twitter during National Football League telecasts does not enhance the viewing experience. It is a distraction that takes away from the action on the field. Games are meant to be watched in real time, not constantly checking social media for what others think. This should be saved for after the game.

  • No, Twitter does not ehance viewing of a game.

    No, Twitter will make watching the game tougher. You won't be able to focus on watching the game because you'll be watching Twitter instead. It is like when you watch a movie with the subtitles on the screen, you focus on the subtitles more than the action. Twitter will make it a lot worse to watch a football game.

  • No, it does not.

    Just like most commentators distract from the game and make it harder to follow what is going on, Twitter has become an irrelevant distraction as well. Most people would rather just watch the game and drink a few beers with thier friends rather than listen to all that constant chatter.

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