Christian man on the run in Pakistan after blasphemy charge: Do you think Christianity is persecuted more severely than other religions?

  • Yes, Christianity Punished More Severely

    All through history Christianity has been punished severely. For a few centuries, in a few places, it was acceptable to be Christian. However, in modern times it has become unacceptable again for some reason. Even in this climate of politically correctness, it is somehow okay to make fun of Christianity. We have now bent over backwards to make it okay to be any religion you choose EXCEPT CHristianity.

  • All religions are persecuted equally

    A Christian Pakistani was accused of blasphemy, causing him to become a fugitive. This raises the question of whether Christians suffer more persecution than members of other religions. I don't believe so: in fact, I think that Christians have persecuted other religions for centuries. This shows that there is always the concept of the "other" that many religions practice and use to justify aggressive behavior towards people who do not share their faith.

  • It depends on the viewpoint.

    It depends on how you see it. Hitler was a Christian, and evidently he persecuted others for not believing in the same thing he did. (But it would be entirely errant as well to conclude that all Christians are evil fascists.) It is also true that because of ISIS, the world has a general picture of Muslims that they are terrorists as well. False again. However, it is pretty obvious that in social media, Christians are persecuted for merely believing in God by atheists, who think they're much more superior as they think His existence is entirely illogical.

  • All religions are persecuted.

    It's an unfortunate fact that adherents of any major religion are prosecuted somewhere in the world. People of all faiths have been put in jail or died for their beliefes throughout human history. It's pointless to try to compare who has it worse; it's more important to work toward greater acceptance.

  • If any religion is persecuted, it's Islam

    Despite Christians facing persecution in many countries, Muslims are persecuted worldwide, in both the Western world and elsewhere. Part of this is because of the aftermath of 9/11 and other terrorists attacks and also stereotyping. Finally, do we care more and is this story more publicised because the victim is Christian?

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