Christie vetoes $15 an hour minimum wage bill: Should New Jersey residents received a $15 minimum wage?

  • Yes, New Jersey residents should have a $15 minimum wage.

    Yes, the minimum wage in New Jersey should be $15. Christie had no reason to veto the $15 minimum wage. The only reason he did it was because of politics. If he really cared about the working people of New Jersey, he would have signed the bill into law. The working poor, who make the current minimum wage of $8.38 per hour, deserve to have the minimum wage raised to $15 because if they make more money, they help the economy of the state.

  • New Jersey residents are entitled to a $15 minimum wage

    New Jersey residents are entitled to a $15 minimum wage, and Governor Christie should have signed the bill into law. The minimum wage is woefully inadequate, and has not kept up with inflation. New Jersey is also a high cost state. Businesses have always found a way to adopt, and they would do so in this case.

  • $15 minimum wage is not sustainable

    I do not agree with a $15 minimum wage in any state. I don't think that is a sustainable wage. Although in the short-term it seems to answer a problem by raising wages for employees making below average, in the long-term it will decrease jobs. Companies will be forced to cut back on their work force to make up for the increase of pay. This will put more people out of work.

  • No and London proves this.

    London is an expensive place to live for a number of reasons but i think the mere fact that the minimum wage in the rest of the UK is lower than that of London says a little bit of why the prices are significantly higher there than anywhere else. Businesses just know that they can simply charge a little bit more because people have more money in their pockets in the city. I make significantly higher than minimum but even still if i moved to London I could double my salary effectively, however, i won't move there simply because the property prices are so astronomical id be in a similar if not slightly worse position to what i am now but that is because the market knows that people have money in their pockets there, and if the government were to keep hiking up the minimum wage then that would effectively turn London into a city state becoming inaccessible to the people from outside of there. So no, it should be down to the market, not to the state.

  • $15 is too much and will cost the poor their jobs

    Simply raising the minimum wage by decree is a terrible way to give struggling families the support they need. Many people who aren't making $15/hr already will simply start making $0/hr as businesses shift to rearrange the workforce. Getting control of the country's monetary policy is the only way to ensure that inflation doesn't eat away all our purchasing power. In a few years, $15/hr won't be enough, either.

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