Christie vetoes a $15 an hour minimum wage bill pushed by N.J. Democrats. Will a higher minimum wage kill jobs?

  • People would lose jobs

    If you think about it, companies won't lose profit to pay more to workers who have minimal skill. One of two things can happen. Either (a) more automation which would lose jobs. Or (b) companies would get rid of more people to offset the cost. More people would lose jobs and companies would keep the same profit.

  • What the minimum wage does, is it takes away the only weapon that unskilled workers have to compete with more skilled workers.

    Let's say that I just finished high school and that I'm looking for a job, however I don't have any work experience. In this situation the only thing I could do to get someone to hire me over someone with more experience is to offer to work for less than the other. This in term will give me a chance to attain crucial skills which will later enable me to find a better, higher paying employment.
    Furthermore, having a minimum wage will also serve as an incentive for people to look for ways of reducing the total number of workers he or she employs.

    Posted by: Laca
  • Yes, a higher minimum wage will kill jobs.

    Christie vetoing a $15 an hour minimum wage bill definitely saved jobs in New Jersey for by increasing minimum wage jobs are essentially destroyed. This has already been seen in several states that have increased minimum wage. Furthermore with this increase many smaller businesses are forced to cut positions which results in jobs being terminated.

  • Many people would lose their jobs

    If you increase the cost of something, you get less of it, and that is certainly true of labor costs as well. If a $15/hr wage was mandated, many people who are making under that now will simply lose their jobs. It's a lot easier to live on $10/hr than $0/hr.

  • No, it will not.

    A higher minimum wage will help ensure that people on the lowest level of the poverty scale will have a living wage.This means they will not have to do extra work and will be able to focus on their job, thus improving the quality of the work. Even if a few jobs are lost, the quality of the work that is left will make up for this.

  • No, more money in workers' pockets strengthens the economy

    A higher minimum wage will strengthen the economy, not kill jobs. A higher minimum wage puts more money in workers' pockets. Workers will spend a significant portion of that money, in turn, at local businesses. Some workers will be able to reduce working hours and better attend to family responsibilities, keeping employer costs steady or opening opportunities to others. Squeezing wage-earners to their breaking point doesn't strengthen families, communities, or the economy.

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