CIA head threatens to quit if agency returns to waterboarding? Should the CIA engage in waterboarding?

  • The CIA should engage in waterboarding

    The CIA should engage in waterboarding because it is clearly an effective method that works and results in no physical damage. In reality, it is a spectacular interrogation method. If the CIA director wants to quit over it, let him. We need people that are interested in getting intelligence that saves US lives.

  • Waterboarding is not torture, but its results are questionable.

    Waterboarding should be allowed to be used as one of many "tools" in the CIA's "toolbox." Many studies have shown that waterboarding does not leave lasting physical damage to the person who is waterboarded; thus, it cannot be considered torture. The question that is more applicable is whether waterboarding is useful. There is a significant amount of truth to the concern that individuals being interrogated using waterboarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques will (and do) say anything to make it stop. How, then, can we trust what they say? This must be left to the discretion and judgment of interrogators.

  • No, the CIA should not engage in waterboarding.

    Waterboarding has proved to be a barbaric form of psychological torture. As a civilized nation, we should not be engaging in torture in the pursuit of truth and justice. Waterboarding and other forms of torture may be effective in getting people to talk, but what they say is often not true.

  • No, waterboarding is torture.

    I respect the CIA head's decision to quit if he is asked to waterboard people. Waterboarding is torture. The United States should take the lead in condemning these types of activities. We are supposed to have laws against cruel and unusual punishment. This should apply to all people, not just U.S. citizens.

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