Cincinnati police demand extra pay for wearing body cameras: Should body cameras be a basic requirement for all officers, regardless of pay?

  • Body cameras should be a basic requirement

    Body cameras should be a basic requirement for all police officers, regardless of pay. Police in Cincinnati are requesting an extra week's pay for wearing the cameras. However, it is in the officers' best interest to wear the cameras. This will provide video evidence for all encounters, particularly those that turn violent.

  • This is ridiculous.

    How can a policeman in good faith ask for more pay for being held accountable for their actions? Are they saying that they don't get paid enough to do the right thing? Those policeman in Cincinnati are a disgrace to all the policeman across this nation who care about their jobs and keeping their communities safe.

  • Body Cameras a Must for All Officers

    Police officers are public servants, and everything they do should be on the public record. Therefore it is imperative that they all be required to wear body cameras, so that the public may ensure that these officers are performing their duties in the required manner. Lately there have been far too many instances of excessive use of force by police, and body cameras can help to expose some of this wrongdoing.

  • Have police wear body cameras

    For their safety and the safety of others, we should use available technology and have police wear body cameras. With all of the violence that has been happening during police confrontations, it would be helpful to have a recording of what really happened. Wearing a camera may also be a deterrent to both sides, if wearing a camera were standard policy.

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