Circumcision doesn't prevent any disease or infection, the only thing it prevents is normal sexual functions

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  • Circumcision damages sexual functionality

    The argument of enjoyment is debated (even thought a support it there has not been a serious study about this) but its easy to see how circumcision damages sexual functionality, circumcised men need lubricant to perform sexual acts (masturbation and coitus) which is not normal. Uncircumcised men do no need lubricant and no animal needs it so its a clear signal that circumcision does damage sexual functionality.

  • Circumcision in no way reduces sexual functionality or enjoyment.

    The purpose of circumcision of males is to increase the ease of personal hygiene, decrease the frequency of urinary tract infections, decrease risk of sexually transmitted diseases, prevent other penile problems, and reduce the risk of cancer in both the male and their sexual partners. (http://www.Mayoclinic.Org/tests-procedures/circumcision/basics/why-its-done/prc-20013585) The Mayo Clinic has not found any enhancement or detraction from sexual pleasure for men or their partners due to circumcision.

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