Cisco will cut up to 5,500 jobs. Should CEOs receive bonuses when there are mass layoffs?

  • CEO bonuses should be linked to performance

    CEOs are put in a tough position in situations where a company has to make lay-offs. The reason for lay-offs may not be related to the CEOs performance, there may be issues within the sector the business operates in or with the wider economy. Perhaps other employees have caused the issues leading to job losses. The CEOs bonuses should be linked to their individual performances and nothing else. Even if there are mass layoffs it doesn't matter, if the CEO did a good job they should get their bonus as a reward.

  • No, CEOs should not receive bonuses after mass layoffs.

    CEOs should not receive bonuses after mass layoffs. Not as a form of punishment to the CEO for the layoffs; but because the CEO does not deserve to be rewarded when the company slashes so many workers. In other words, companies typically cut jobs when profits are falling. CEOs should only be rewarded when profits are growing.

  • CEOs Continue to Profit While Their Companies Fail

    Time and time again we see CEOs run a company into the ground, only to collect their golden parachutes and ride off into the sunset. The lowly workers who lose their jobs are often left with nothing after years of faithful service, while the top executives make millions for performing terribly. There needs to be much more accountability for those in the upper echelons of the corporate world.

  • No, Profit or Loss should be shared equally

    When a company cuts down the jobs, the main reason is the loss in business. This means financially the company is in loss. The CEO is a very responsible position in a company. If he/she gets bonuses when the company makes profit, he/she also need to bear the losses by not getting the bonus. Corporate has always been biased to a few top layer management. People will have a better feeling about working if they are treated fairly and equally.

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