• They are a hobby

    Drones (quadcopters) were made mainly for hobby and photography purposes. The drones used by the military are a whole different thing which should not be legal for civilian use. Drones have many benefits for business owners and photographers. They are also a fun hobby which can be beneficial in how they get the younger generation outside which is hard to do.

  • People should have drones

    People should have drones because they are fun and make our everyday lives easier.Drones can be used for delivering, agriculture,photographs, and even just for fun.Although it isn`t a necessity it can be used for almost anything. Just like drones aren`t a necessity neither are your phones, or your tablets, or your laptops, or your hats,or your other pleasures in life.

  • Drones were created for fun

    Drones were created for having fun and what, the government wants to shut it down, forget it, we want to feel like we are flying something like the military and what, kids are having fun wth these and some even create their own drones creating a learning experience through engineering

  • Defense against the government.

    In the beginning of the revolutionary war the British tried to take guns from Americans. Without these guns Americans would be subject to tyranny. Now I ask you. What if our government was corrupt and had better weapons and devices than the citizens? We would be subject to tyranny. The government does not have the right to kill citizens without trial. But it seems that they have the power to do so. No ones stopping them. So what are we going to do if we are attacked by our government? Fight back, with drones if necessary. The citizens of the USA need to be able to defend themselves against criminals and government. Some may argue that the government would never turn on it's citizens. That this country would never become a totalitarian state.I would like to remind those people that the Jews in Germany didn't think so either.

  • Depends on what you consider a drone

    Here's the thing, UAV is a term which includes a large subset of aircraft. Many of them are not the huge armored drones we see in the media but in fact are the unarmed (nor can they be militarized) and are the size of a hobbyist's radio controlled aircraft. The only real difference between a hobbyist's plane and these drones are the (government) frequency and encryption. A live feed can easily be put onto a hobbyist's plane and with some technical knowledge anyone could change the frequency to a more uncommon one. Encryption is tougher if its homemade, but commercially available systems could be modified and installed with ease. In my opinion, they should all be available, even the big scary ones, for purchase with the few modifications needed that would make them legal under the current laws. By current laws I mean a civilian radio frequency and no weapons (at all) mounted on the UAV.

  • Civilians don't need drones any more than they need tanks.

    I don't believe any reasonable person would advocate the right for civilians to own drones. Civilians don't need drones any more than they need tanks, high tech rocket launchers, or for that matter, Peacekeeper missiles. I certainly support the Second Amendment, but I can't see anybody arguing that civilians be allowed to possess strictly military devices.

  • NOOOO!!!!!! Are you crazy?

    Do you want the general population to carry around death helicopters and drones that they can kill their exes with! Maybe you could say the government can use it, but not civilians! If civilians had them, someones gonna get hurt! Maybe they'd work against a burglar but what about that person who sneezes on their drone control pad and shoots a missile at a Walmart?!

  • Are you crazy?

    So you just gonna give the general civilian population millions of LETHAL drones to play around with? Maybe for the government, but not for anyone who wants one. I can't even believe someone would ask something like this! Obviously the answer is no! Theres always gonna be that person that uses his or her drone to kill their ex.

  • Seriously? For what purpose?

    No, civilians should not have drones any more than they should possess nuclear weapons. They shouldn't even have a majority of the weapons that they can currently have. I can't think of a single good purpose why civilians should have drones. In fact, governments should not be using them either, they are disgusting and they cause incredible irreversible ruin.

  • I do not think so!

    Why would a civilian need a drone? The United States would be a scary place to live if you upset your neighbor. They can purchase a drone and show up at your door! Civilians do not have the training to operate drones and could kill others and themselves. Crime would rise and we would be living fear!

  • There is no need

    The idea of a drone is based on use for military use and does not need to be in the hands of civilians. The panic that could be created by a civilian flying one aruond for fun could be worse than someone shouting fire in a packed hall with lots of people.

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