• Generally I prefer classical music.

    It has a way cleaner and sophisticated sound. I appreciate that it has a more natural sound with less distortion and electrical instruments/equipment. There have also been scientific studies that have found positive health effects especially in regards to stress, emotional health, and brain development (especially if frequent exposure to classical music begins at a young age).

  • Classical Music Rocks!!!!!!!

    Pro will argue that rock music is superior to classical music. First round is for acceptance.
    Since this is my very first debate, and I feel as if I need experience debating, I have decided to select a non-serious and relatively non-controversial topic to start out with. I will be debating against the common belief that rock/pop music is superior to classical music. This debate is intended to address the advantages and disadvantages of learning both genres, and for each debater to make an argument for why learning his preferred genre is more worthwhile than learning the other."
    I will post opening argument in round 2."
    It is obviously the majority of the public's opinion that classical music is "outdated" and "boring" on many levels. However, I would like to make the case that learning to understand and appreciate classical music will result in a far greater total understanding of music in general than if one masters rock music. It is not my intention to completely discredit rock music, but to offer a sound argument as to why classical music has much greater advantages if mastered."

    Many thanks, in advance, to my opponent, and best of luck. I hope that this will be an interesting and enlightening discussion. Being a very avid fan of music, I know I'm looking forward to it! :)

  • My personal preference

    Hard rock, metal, alternative... All of those genres are literally my life and everything I stand for. Music is my passion. I do respect classical music though. I can see how it could be relaxing. For me Personally, though, rock really calms me down and without it I would be stressed 24/7.

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