Cleaning for a Reason: Should all cancer patients be provided with free house cleaning services?

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  • Free house cleaning not a help to all cancer patients

    When a person is diagnosed with cancer, their life is oftentimes turned upside down. They are holding onto their "normal" life in a time when everyone else treats them differently. If depression hits, some patients need a schedule or a reason to keep getting up everyday in order to feel "useful". Taking away simple household chores can inadvertently take away meaning from a person's life. However, there are some patients who are unable to physically perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) as a side effect from the chemotherapy; in these cases having someone clean their home for free would be both wanted and necessary.

  • No, this service is simply not feasible.

    No, while cancer is extremely stressful, straining, and debilitating and it would be nice for free house cleaning services to be provided to all patients, this service is simply not one that can be provided as it is economically impossible. There is not really a source of funds for this, and it would be a massive undertaking for the government to try to establish this.

  • All cancer patients should not be provided with free house cleaning services

    Sure, call me heartless, but all cancer patients should not be provided with free house cleaning services. First, it starts with cancer, but then where do we stop? Is cancer any more or less devastating than, say, heart or liver disease? Second, who is going to pay for the services? Bad idea.

  • Funding would not be adequate.

    First, let me say that I think providing house cleaning services for cancer patients is a wonderful idea, and it's great that numerous charities provide this. However, providing it for all patients isn't feasible. Money should be used for cancer research not to pay for cleanings. This benefits more patients in the long run.

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