Cleveland had its parade to celebrate its NBA championship. Should municipalities spend money on these parades?

  • Cleveland parade for NBA championship was important

    The city of Cleveland, Ohio recently had a parade that celebrated its NBA championship. While some may question the use of city funds to sponsor such events, I think that they're important because they boost city morale. People get more pride in their hometowns when they see such a turnout in support of major victories, which brings communities together.

  • Absolutely, why not?

    First of all, the championship teams bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the cities. They attract fans that flock to the arenas and other venues for their games, stay In Hotels, patronize local businesses and spend a lot of money on merchandise. What the municipalities are spending is minuscule when compared to the millions they make. It is a very good investment for them to take a moment and show gratitude to these teams.

  • Yes, municipalities should spend money on parades.

    Cities often hold celebration parades after a local team wins a championship. Some might believe that the costs of these parades is a waste of taxpayer money. However, these parades are an important part of bringing communities together; providing residents a way to bond with each other. This bonding experience creates an important opportunity for citizens to enjoy more civic pride in their communities. In short, municipalities should spend some money on parades.

  • Municipalties should fund parades

    Municipalities should fund parades, including those for its sports champions. It builds good will among the citizenry and creates more pride in the city. It is a celebration of success, which sends the right message. The increased spending can also help the local economy, with more overtime for employees such as police officers and those that clean the streets.

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