Cleveland holds parade for champion Cavaliers: Will Cleveland's sports teams be successful in the immediate future?

  • Yes, I think that Cleveland's sports teams will be successful in the immediate future.

    Yes, I think that Cleveland's sports teams will be successful in the immediate future because the Cavaliers have broken the city's championship drought. In addition, different organizations might get inspired to win a championship by witnessing the success of the Cavaliers and the immense support by the people of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Yes, Clevelands sports teams are on a roll.

    The victory of the Cavaliers was an amazing feat. The parade that was held in Cleveland is an example of how proud the people of that city are. Now that all this popular momentum exists, all Cleveland sports teams are sure to feel more support and energy, which will lead them to more success in the immediate future.

  • Yes, the Cavaliers will continue to be good and the Indians are doing well.

    Things are looking up for Cleveland sports teams. The Cavaliers will be good for as long as LeBron James stays on the team. The Indians are doing well this year, leading their division. The Browns appear to have a promising future with their new coach Hue Jackson and the recent addition of Robert Griffin III.

  • Yes, they have been inspired.

    The NBA champions, Cavaliers, beat all the odd to win the so much coveted title rewriting history. In many ways, this achievement will go along way in motivating others sports team in Cleveland. The bar has been set and its up to the teams to put Cleveland in the news headlines ones more.

  • Their baseball team blew a 3-1 lead and the Browns are just plain terrible also the Cavs aren't earning their ring properly

    Basketball: The series is rigged solely because they want LBJ to be the best player in the NBA which is false, was down 3-1 in the latest Nba finals then came back 3-1 because LBJ begged for them to call cheap fouls and suspend Draymond Green, in the 14-15 season the same teams matched up and the Dubs won 4-2 without rigging a game, which makes the Dubs are better, plus GSW is 7-6 in the finals against Cleveland after two years. MLB: they blew a 3-1. Nuff said NFL: They almost went 0-16 till they beat SD by a missed FG at the buzzer in 2016

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