Clinton boasts high post-Convention poll numbers: will she beat Trump in the election?

  • Yes, she will

    Trump seems like he is hellbent on self-destructing. The conspiracy theorist in me is starting to think that he is a plant put in by the Democratic Party to assure victory. This can be the only reason someone like Donald Trump can be a serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

  • Yes, Clinton's high post-convention poll numbers indicate that she will beat Trump in the election.

    Yes, Clinton is predicted to beat Trump in the election after high post-convention poll numbers are revealed because she hosted a convention that boosted the positive image and values of the United States. While the republican convention perpetuated fear as the primary theme, Clinton's democratic convention focused on how America is already great.

  • The system is rigged.

    Hilary will beat Donald in the fall because she knows the most powerful people. The democratic nomination system was rigged in a way that allowed her to claim the nomination in the first place, by employing super delegates. She will do the same thing in the general election, and use her inside influence and power to make sure that there are enough votes to put her in office.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton will beat Trump

    This recent increase in the poll numbers favoring Clinton demonstrates that people were listening to the political convention speakers and making the rational decision. The negative tone of the GOP and the manic behavior of Trump has taken a toll on voters and it is obvious that Clinton is the best candidate to hold the Presidential office.

  • No I think The Don will win in November.

    These poll numbers are still over three months out of the election. While its true that many people have decided already who they will vote for, the undecideds will most likely not decide until right before. I think the debates will play a huge role in many people deciding and I'm confident Donald will demolish Hillary in the debates. If Donald does a good job of exposing Hillary for the crook and liar she is, Donald will receive huge bounces in the polls as well. I just think looking at polls before any national debates is not smart.

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