• Silly Americans--laws are for peasants !

    The Director of the FBI, Mr. Comey laid out the case against her, explaining a handful of laws and regulations which she violated in such a way as to obviously obscure her actions from oversight (FOIA, etc.) Furthermore, in doing so, she jeopardized the safety of all of us by transferring and storing state secrets in shockingly insecure environments (violating the Espionage act.) Then Mr. Comey basically said "But she's Hillary Clinton, so forget it." What a farce.

  • Rules Don't Apply to H C

    As the public has seen in the past Hillary manages to escape a conviction that would have any kind of punishment. The dollars behind her and the well oiled palms of supporters of agendas will continue to triumph with greed and corruption at the federal level as long as a Clinton breathes in Washington D.C.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is too big to jail.

    Hillary Clinton is too big and powerful to send to jail. Justice is supposed to be blind and equal to everyone in the United States. Unfortunately, there are a few very powerful people (like Hillary Clinton) that will never be held accountable for crimes. Instead, the voters must hold Clinton accountable at the ballot box, because she will likely never face any prison time.

  • You can't just incarcerate for no reason

    Hillary Clinton has been vilified by the far right who were hoping to obtain the White House by slowly destroying the American public's belief in her. It worked for some who now refuse to vote for her but it did not work with enough people to keep her out of the White House. There was an investigation that determined there was no proof that she was deliberately deceptive to have her own way. It is time to move on. Go catch Bill cheating again or something.

  • Nobody Should be Above the Law

    Anyone who breaks the law should be punished accordingly. There should be no exceptions simply because someone has a lot of prestige, power, or political momentum. It is absolutely disgusting that just because someone is "too big" they will not be punished. This sets a precedent that they'll be able to do whatever they want with little to no repercussions.

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