Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe: Will this affect Trump's presidential campaign?

  • More fodder for campaigns

    Yes, the FBI's email investigation findings will affect both Clinton and Trump campaigns for the presidency. It will now be easier for Trump to throw stones at Clinton who now will have difficulty accusing Trump of being dishonest. While she is not being indicted, Clinton was found in the probe to be negligent.

  • The Clinton email claims collapse will affect Trump's presidential campaign

    The Clinton email claims collapse will affect Trump's presidential campaign because much of trumps stance has to do with attacking Hillary Clinton's credibility. With nothing left but hearsay, Trump can only attack the specter of dishonesty relative to the email scandal. The good news for Trump is Hillary has plenty of other instances of dishonesty for him to attack. God help us all if this woman is elected.

  • It definitely will

    Donald Trump was hoping and praying she would be forced to leave the presidential race so he could skate to the finish line. You could almost hear his hopes and dreams shatter against the floor yesterday during his speech. Fast forward to today and there are people bailing out of his titanic ship as quickly as they can run, including the man who introduced him yesterday. It is the funniest and saddest thing I've ever seen.

  • Hillary's Non-Indictment Is New Fodder For Donald Trump

    Donald Trump will have new fodder in his campaign against Hillary Clinton in the form of FBI Director Jim Comey's remarks on Tuesday. Comey called Ms. Clinton "extremely careless" and directly refuted several statements she has made over the last year. Donald Trump should be able to leverage these statements to his advantage.

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