• Yes, Clinton put CIA agents at risk by using an unsecure server for government emails.

    Yes, Clinton compromised national security by using an unsecured personal server located in the basement of her home to send confidential government emails. The government has servers that are specifically for government use. These servers are designed to prevent hacking to ensure that valuable information does not fall into the wrong hands. Although Clinton says that her server was not hacked, there were at least 55,000 official government emails sent and received on that server, so who could know if that is true or not.

  • Hillary Clinton compromised United States security with her email server

    The Clinton email controversy drags on, and with good reason. The presumptive Democratic nominee for President put us all at risk when she decided to use a private server during her service as Secretary of State. She was cavalier about the identities of undercover agents on a server that could be easily hacked.

  • Yes, in my opinion stating categorically that there is no chance of an indictment is not very smart.

    Every Real American out there needs to pressure their Congressman to push for justice. Hillary is making the entire House and Senate look corrupt and stupid. We see how crooked she is and are wondering why she is not in jail. Hillary may say there is not proof She was compromised but that is not the point. The point is that the only reason I can think of for wanting to use a private server at this time is because you want to hide something from your peers. The only time people want to hide something is to prevent over site by a jury of her peers, that means those actions are questionable. The fact that Hillary acted in such a way should at least be considered A punishable Official Security Violation, that would prompt a vote of no confidence and an Official Investigation. Since Hillary is close to the President, you would think that this incident would have peaked the interest of the Secret Service.

  • Clinton's email server compromised national security

    Hillary Clinton's email server, and the lack of care an oversight this woman showed over it, most certainly compromised national security. The lack of care that she showed in this regard demonstrates front and center just how incapable and unqualified she is to be president. Her cavalier attitude about the matter is even more disturbing.

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