Clinton hasn't won over millennials. And no, sexism isn't to blame: Do you think America is ready for a third party?

  • A third option always seems better

    Yes, America is ready for a third or even fourth party. Possibly, America is ready for a nonpartisan government. Nebraska's legislature is a great example of how it could work. They run their legislature as a unicameral (one body) and all legislators are elected in a nonpartisan system. It allows for each individual to promote their ideas in a way that expresses the greater good for the state as a whole rather than fitting into a particular party platform. It seems to work beautifully.

  • America needs a third party to run in the election.

    With only two presidential candidates running for president, the American people have very limited options when it comes to voting for their next leader. There should be more candidates running so that the people have better options. Three or more parties running give more competition and hold leaders more accountable to the people.

  • No, not quite.

    America needs a third party canidate and a viable third party, but Americans as a whole are very used to choosing from this or that, that they have not learned how to choose from a variety of things. Younger americans are a little more comfortable with a wide variety of choices, but they still go by their peer group.

  • No, America is not ready for a third party.

    No, America is not ready for a third party, at least not in this election. The two party system is flawed, but this election has a very clear choice. Clinton must be elected president because she has experience and will do a much better job than any of the other candidates.

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yadayada says2016-09-23T09:11:29.810
I don't care how many parties we have to choose from I just want the right person for the job.