Clinton is getting more money from Bush, Kasich and Christie donors than Trump. Will this translate into a landslide win for her?

  • Yes, I think Clinton has a chance to blow Trump out of the water.

    I think it is very telling that so many Republicans are putting their support behind Clinton. Most people stay loyal to their parties as long as the candidate is a viable option. The fact that so many Republicans are donating money to Clinton and denouncing Trump does not bode well for his chances.

  • It is a done deal

    It is quite obvious that most of the people of this country are patriotic and willing to put country first over ideology or party. Anyone with any degree of sense can see the danger in putting someone like Donald Trump in the highest office of the land. I would do the same thing if the democrats had someone that was a loose cannon. I would join hands with the Republicans and vote for their ticket. Our country should always come first.

  • Yes, it will.

    She is gaining support from Repulicans who do not support Trump. This does not make her a republican, it simply means that they find her a better alternative than Trump. This could help her win the election, not only by taking voters from Trump, but by gaining these votes for herself.

  • Money Is Part of It

    More money from valuable Republican donors is part of the equation for Hillary Clinton's victory in November. However, Trump's inability to get votes from women, blacks and Hispanics will prove his undoing more than getting a lack of donations. Clinton will still win in a landslide, but because she has a better network of people on the ground versus the Trump campaign and she connects better with key voting blocs.

  • More money does not equal a landslide victory.

    Trump might be losing some Republicans on an account that he says mean things, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a done deal for Hillary. She has taken a massive hit in the polls after her Email investigations, let alone the fact that her history of lying and responsibility of the lives of Americans doesn't sit well in the eyes of the general public. Even before Trump lost a few Republicans, Hillary still had way more money in donations from major establishment doners than Trump did, and now she's only leading by a few points in the polls.

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