Clinton Medical Records: Is the late disclosure of Hillary Clinton's ailment a sign of lack of transparency?

  • Yes, the late disclosure of Hillary Clinton's illness shows a lack of transparency.

    Hillary Clinton has been showing visible signs of illness recently, but it is late into the 2016 presidential campaign. Since elections are right around the corner, it seems disingenuous for the candidate to discuss her medical issues this late in the game. The outward appearance of this decision makes many Americans wonder if she purposely was hiding her illness, and its symptoms, throughout the campaign. This theory is compounded when taken into consideration with the fact that she has not been very visible during this campaign. Polls seem to indicate that many voters are starting to worry that the illness could be serious, and when the campaign ignores or downplays the cause behind these alarming symptoms, it is a valid concern to voters that Mrs. Clinton could be unfit for the presidency due to complex medical reason. I think that every candidate should have to release medical records, and they should also have exams during the campaign every few months to help with transparency, so that the American people do not have to play a guessing game about potential severe health issues with any candidate they support.

  • Health records are none of our buisness

    Americans are so demanding of presidential candidates in the strangest ways. We demand Trump release his tax records, we demand Clinton release her health records, but we don't demand that they actually give plans to run the country. It's a crazy situation and highlights the need for ACTUAL transparency, not just transparency about minor issues.

  • No, the late disclosure of Hillary Clinton's ailment is not a sign of lack of transparency.

    No, the late disclosure of Hillary Clinton's ailment is not a sign of lack of transparency. She simply did not think it was a big deal to be sick. She is a hard working politician fighting for the most difficult job in the world. Why should she suffer because of a sickness?

  • No, the late disclosure is not a lack of transparency.

    The Constitution does not REQUIRE a candidate to release their medical records in order to run for President. This latest perceived requirement to do so is akin to asking them to "show their papers" in order to be eligible. I don't believe any candidate's release of medical records is necessary at all.

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