Clinton puts forward her agenda to combat mental illness. Have policymakers neglected mental illness?

  • Yes, Congress does not address the issue of mental illness in any consistent fashion.

    Yes, treatments and publicly-funded research to treat mental illness are sticky, touchy subjects, but Congress has put itself in the middle of the debate with Obamacare. Many people now depend on public money to fill prescriptions and enter hospital treatment programs. Has Congress yet agreed on what legally constitutes mental illness?

  • They are too busy using mental illness to their advantage

    Whenever anything happens with the mentally ill in this country, the politicians just latch onto the event to further push their own goals? Crazy person shot up a mall? That's not a mental health issue, that's a gun issue! It's only after the people demand changes than politicians come around, they've been ignoring mental illness since Reagan closed the asylums.

  • Government neglects the mentally ill

    I think it's very clear that the government neglects the mentally ill. You can go to any city and find way too many homeless people. I would expect that a large percentage of the homeless people have mental illness. Why are they left to fend for themselves? If they can't make good decisions on their own, someone needs to be appointed to make decisions for them. Some may say there are programs, but if it's up to them to participate or not, some will not participate, against their own best interests. In this circumstance, a judge should order their participation. We can't allow people to make their own decisions when they are not capable.

  • Yes, mental illness is highly neglected.

    Politicians do not spend enough time, effort and money on mental illness in this country. They spend more time on hot button topics that get people riled up, like gay marriage. Meanwhile, we have people who have no source of treatment and no way to deal with mental illness. Facilities continue to close due to lack of funding. Many tragedies could be avoided if we had a better mental health care system.

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