Clinton supporters canvass in Warren, OH and Niles, OH. Will she win the state?

  • I think she will win the state

    The main reason I think she will win is because it seems like many Republicans are abandoning the party for this election based on the current representative. I think the canvassing will work because it will give the nudge that some weary Republicans need to switch side and vote Democrat.

  • Clinton will win Ohio

    Hillary Clinton will win Ohio in the presidential race. She is working hard, with supporters canvasing areas of the state. She has a large lead in the national polls, and Donald Trump keeps inflicting wounds on himself. The people of Ohio are not impacted by immigration, a core Trump issue.

  • Ohio will go deep blue

    With the disaster that is Trump as her opponent, I wouldn't be surprised to see Hillary win states that haven't flipped blue in years, and Ohio is certainly part of that. The last poll out of Ohio I saw (reported 8/21) showed Clinton up 6 points on Trump, and I wouldn't be surprised if the actual margin was close to double that by the time the election rolls around.

  • Clintion supporters canvassing in Warren, OH and Niles, OH is not enough to ensure that she will win the state.

    Although Clinton supporters canvass in Warren, OH and Niles, OH, this does not mean that she will win the state. Warren and Niles are only two places out of the entire state of Ohio. There are many more people to consider. These two towns are not a representation of the whole state.

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